How to use printing data , PDF and XLS file of data using DataTable

Posted By Tushar Paliwal | 25-Jul-2014


In my project I need functionality of printing data , PDF and XLS file of that data from front end. After spending a lot time over internet, I found code in java which provides such kind of functionality but It seems that code very much cumbersome which was difficult to manage.

Then I investigated more over internet and found a solution in JQuery which provided me same functionality using few lines of code. I used dataTable which provide printing data , PDF and XLS file using JQuery and this functionality in dataTable is known as oTableTool.

Here I will show you how It works by using grails project in Spring Tool Suits(STS).


Step 1:

Create a grails project using

File>New>Grails Project


Step 2:

Put CSS file in Project_Directory/Project_Name/web-app/css directory.


  1. dataTables.tableTools.css

  2. jquery.dataTables.css


Step 3:

Put JS file in Project_Directory/Project_Name/web-app/js directory.


  1. dataTables.tableTools.js

  2. jquery.dataTables.js


Step 4:


Put JS file in Project_Directory/Project_Name/web-app/swf directory.


  1. copy_csv_xls.swf

  2. copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf


Step 5:

Create a controller which will accept request and render appropriate view .Now create a table in html to view the data.


			"dom" : 'CT<"clear">lfrtip',
 			"oTableTools" : {
				"sSwfPath" : "../swf/copy_csv_xls_pdf.swf",
				"aButtons" : [ "copy", "print", {
					"sExtends" : "collection",
					"sButtonText" : "Save",
					"aButtons" : [ "csv", "xls", "pdf" ]
				} ]


In above code I used T in dom which is used to show oTableTool functionality.

example : Table Id

sSwfPath : Path of .swf file.

aButtons : Buttons for copy, print, pdf and xls functionality.


Feel free to ask any query relavent to this code.


Thank You


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