How to implement Indoor atlas sdk in iOS swift

Posted By Varun Wadhwa | 30-Jun-2017

Indoor Atlas : Indoor Atlas is positioning system to locate and track people inside a building. It uses geomagnetic fields , radio signals sensors to detect the position. It is use to integrate location based services to our app.

Use cases of Indoor Atlas : 

 a) Way-Finding : To add a way finding capabilities in our mobile app. For example in airports to find a way to nearest cafeteria.

 b) Multi-Dot : It enables multiple users to visualized  on map. For apps like Uber we can see multiple cabs location on map the same we can see in inside a building in case of indoor atlas.

 c) Proximity Marketing : It provides proximity marketing in our app. Like providing offers to attract more customers when a customer visit a place.

Steps to Integrate :

 1.After sign-up we’ve to create location and add floor and upload a floor plan image. link for sign-up :

 2. After uploading floor plan, to successfully generating the map we’ve to use IndoorAtlas MapCreator 2 app (available in Play Store : to generate magnetic field for the floor plan.

 3. For integrating with your project, follow the steps:

     a)  Add pod 'IndoorAtlas' to your project’s podfile.

     b)  In your AppDelegate configure with API Key and API Secret

      IALocationManager.sharedInstance().setApiKey(“API Key” , andSecret : “APISecret”) 

     c) Delegate to IALocationManagerDelegate and implement its delegate methods 

           func indoorLocationManager(manager: IALocationManager, didEnterRegion region: IARegion) {
            //Custom Implementation  
            // Will fire on entering region

           func indoorLocationManager(manager: IALocationManager, didExitRegion region: IARegion) {
           //Custom Implementation 
           // Will fire on exit  region.




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