How blockchain will influence the Stock Market Industry

Posted By : Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 17-Dec-2018

Blockchain in stock market

We all know how Blockchain technology has created a buzz in the last couple of years. Yes, Blockchain has transformed the concept of digital assets by making the money exchanging process simpler. All because of its secure and reliable technology but if you are thinking that this technology is only limited to the same business then you are wrong. As it has played the role of a gamechanger in e-coin business; in the same manner, it has the potential to change the stock market industry as well. In this blog, you will get to know about the businesses which the technology will transform.


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Stock Exchanges On Blockchain

Assume organizations can enlist, issue and exchange shares on a blockchain-based network. Organizations and share buyer/seller can directly deal with one another through this amazing technology. In a nutshell, you can also buy shares with your digital currency, which is safe and reliable. LSE ( London Stock Exchange ) has started a trial run by issuing digital private shares of small and medium scale companies based in Italy.


Foresee The Stock Markets

One of the principal issues related to current stock prediction markets is that they are concentrated. Thus, concentrated platforms have a single form of failure. What's more, they can be turned down very simply. For such a concentrated structure, this requires an entrusted person to report sincerely and effectively without failures. But, imagine a scenario where this individual commits errors, unreliable or manipulate results? With Augur (an online stock prediction company), a large number of clients, (rather than one) cooperate to have an amazing and precise determining tool.




Blockchain technology has the potential to provide an end-to-end solution to our hundreds of problems. Soon, through Blockchain technology, we will be able to buy and sell shares very speedily and safely. The buyers and sellers are coming up on the same platform through Blockchain which is really great. And not even buying and selling shares, now you can even get the cent percent precise results by using stock predicting tools. When we talk about Blockchain development, Oodles Technologies the most influential name in the Blockchain development industry offers you top-class Blockchain solutions. For any query, you are free to contact us 24*7.


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