How Video On Demand App Development brings Revenue to Business

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 28-Feb-2019

Video On Demand

Busy schedules of people are keeping them occupied which is making it difficult for them to stay updated with the TV shows of their choice. To help in keeping people entertained, services like video on demand are revolutionizing the television industry. A lot of people today have started watching their favorite TV shows online. Due to this, the demand for VOD is increasing at a rapid pace.


Whether a video is good or bad, people still prefer to watch it rather than reading a text or viewing an image. Video streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video are making huge money. Let’s dig in further and know how Video On Demand App Development brings revenue to your business.


  • YouTube

This is the most common video streaming platform where not only the business professionals but also video loggers(Vloggers) are making a huge amount of money. This platform allows you to create a video, edit a video and publish it online. Vloggers are creating videos on a wide range of topics including cooking, creating makeup tutorials, home remedies and more. The vloggers are paid through the advertisements that go live on their channel when a viewer watches an ad on the videos.


  • Netflix/ Amazon Prime

A lot of shows go live on Netflix and Amazon. These shows can be accessed by those who have paid a subscription amount on these streaming platforms. Paid subscriptions enable users to avail services while helping production houses earn money.


  • Hulu

It is yet another video streaming platform that is making businesses earn. Hulu is an American entertainment company which is primarily oriented towards streaming of television series. A fixed subscription amount is charged from the viewers through which the production houses and streaming platforms earn.


  • Earnings through Web Education

Earlier, people were surrounded by the boundaries to learn a particular programme. With the help of technology, a lot of people are coming up with E-Learning programmes. People wanting to avail the services of these programmes are asked to pay a nominal fee. These courses can be availed by any age group, at any time and at any place. Neither the educator nor the learner will face problems on how they will be reaching the audiences. Eg: Udemy, one of the most popular videos streaming platforms, is helping people to educate themselves on a range of topics.


The need for video on demand is expanding at a rapid pace and this demand will receive no shortcomings in the future. Are you thinking of ways to earn money through a video streaming platform or are you planning to start your video on demand platform? Get in touch with our experts today! We are a leading online software development company in India offering best video streaming solutions to the businesses across the globe. Contact us now for details!


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