How To Use The All New HomePod With Your Apple TV

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 27-Feb-2018

How To Use The All New HomePod With Your Apple TV

HomePod is an amazing smart device brought to you by Apple Inc. It’s a compact and powerful smart speaker that lets you control your iDevices as well as the HomeKit accessories. The HomePod boasts a stunning look, having a cylindrical shaped body with a touch pad mounted on top. The latter is used to control the device and gives you access to its features. The device also features a built-in A8 chip and runs on an exclusively built operating system called AudioOS. Apparently, the device is similar to Amazon Echo and Google Home but it comes with its own set of strings attached.


As you already know, the HomePod can instantly connect with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV as well. As the HomePod is making its way to the stores, people are curious about how to get the most of this device. When connected to an iDevice, it can be used as a speaker. The best part is, once you have connected it to a device, you don’t actually have to use that device. You can control all the connected devices directly from your HomePod. In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can connect it with your Apple TV.


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Connecting HomePod With Your Apple TV


Before proceeding, make sure that both your Apple TV and HomePod are connected to the same wireless network and then begin with these simple steps.


  • Turn on your HomePod and your Apple TV.
  • Head to the Home Screen of your Apple TV.
  • From the Home Screen, long press the Play/Pause button on the Siri TV remote. Doing that will show all the available options for the sound output.
  • Select your HomePod as the sound output.


Just as you do that, the sound of what’s playing on your Apple TV should start coming out of your HomePod. You can change the audio output anytime by following the same steps all over again. Once your Apple TV is connected to the HomePod, you can prompt Siri to perform various functions on your Apple TV. For example, you can prompt Siri to Play, Pause while watching a show. You can use it to forward, rewind and control the volume of your TV.

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