How To Install Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu

Posted By Dipen Chawla | 29-Sep-2017

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database ideal for high-speed, online transactional data.Apache Cassandra is an impeccable database decision for online Web and portable applications, though Hadoop focuses on the preparing of colder information in information lakes, distribution centers, and so forth. This enables an IT association to viably bolster the distinctive explanatory "rhythms" expected to fulfill client necessities and maintain the business.


Cassandra is a NoSQL database and has high scalability and it enables you to add greater gear to oblige more clients and more information as per prerequisites.


Quick straight execution - Cassandra directly scales, ie, it builds your throughput with expanding the number of hubs in the bunch. In this way, it keeps up a quick reaction time.


Basic information circulation - Cassandra gives the adaptability to disperse information wherever you require, by imitating information in various server farms.


Netflix has been using the Apache Cassandra NoSQL data store for production use over the last six months.


Installation Steps:

Step1: Installing Oracle JDK 1.8 and creating update-

Step2 -  Installing Cassandra in Ubuntu:

Step-3: Running CQL Cluster:

Step -4 Creating database and tables in cassandra:

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