How To Enable Closed Captioning On Roku

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 12-Dec-2017

How To Enable Closed Captioning On Roku

The closed captioning (CC) feature on Roku displays the text on screen for the spoken elements, background noises or sound effects in a movie or TV show. These captions basically provide subtitles for everything you see on screen. The feature provides an important means of entertainment for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is also useful in understanding the dialogues of a movie or TV show in case they sound is not clear or the dialogues are difficult to understand.


The closed captions can be turned off or on even during the playback. However, the feature is not available on all the Roku channels. It is solely dependent on whether the service provider is including them or not. So you must check the availability of closed captions with your service provider. In this blog, we’ll provide important information on how you can turn on or off the closed captions on Roku.


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Enabling Closed Captions On Roku

Closed Captions on Roku channels won’t show up unless you have enabled the closed captioning feature on Roku. For most of the channels, you can activate closed captioning from your Roku device settings. To enable this setting, follow the below given steps.


  • Go to the Home Screen of your Roku by pressing the Home button on your Roku TV remote.

  • Go to Settings by scrolling up or down.

  • Go to Accessibility settings. If Accessibility is not listed, select Captions.

  • Select Caption Mode and take the appropriate action.


If you turn ‘on’ the Captions, they will always appear whenever you play something on a channel that offers closed captioning. If you turn it off, the captions will never appear. You can also select On Replay which would display the captions only when you press the Replay button on your Roku TV remote. You can also select the When Mute option. Doing that would show the captions only when the volume is muted. However, the last option is only available in select Roku devices.

Closed Captioning can also be enabled during the playback. You can do that by pressing the star (*) button on your Roku TV remote. After that, scroll up or down, select Closed Captioning (CC) and choose an appropriate option.

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