How To Archive Instagram Posts To Hide Unwanted Photos

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 16-Jun-2017

Instagram released a new archive feature to all users, after testing it on a smaller group. This feature is rolled out to archive those photos and videos which you don't want to delete. It is very useful when you don't want to scrap certain images permanently. Archive feature simply shifts the selected photos to a private space, where it will be visible to you only. Then, that picture or even videos will be disappeared from your profile. People now-a-days can share their private lives with the whole world on social media profiles like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. But, there are some posts which people don't like on their profile. For this, Instagram made this archive feature. So, if you have any embarrassing and picture of yours, simply hide the image from the world.
The archive is launched with a hope that people will not have to delete photos which make them feel it is too personal to be shared with the whole world. Usually, people have the habit of sharing a photo and a video instantly, but later on, they realize it is not good or not to be shared with everyone. In that case, the archive feature will come to the rescue and will take the pictures off your profile to a private mode. People can simply keep those images safe for themselves without even sharing with the world. The interesting thing is that you can change it back to the public post, they’ll appear in their original chronological location.  and all your comments and ratings are also preserved. When you archive or even archive the post, it doesn't tell other people about it. That means you can move things according to, whenever you feel like. 

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How to archive posts:
1. First, launch the Instagram on your phone.
2. Tap the rightmost tab at the bottom of your profile.
3. Search the post you want to archieve and tap “...” menu at the top of the chosen post.
4. Choose the Archive option from that menu.
By doing so, the chosen post will hide from your Instagram profile. Finding your archived post is also simple. First, you have to launch the Instagram app on your phone. Then go to your profile by tapping the rightmost tap at the bottom. By tapping the archive button you will get your Instagram archived posts.
To use this archive feature, you must have Instagram for iOS version 10.21 or higher. Hurry up and update your Instagram now!


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