How Big Data Is Reshaping the Fashion Industry

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 25-Jul-2018

Big data in fashion industry

After hearing the term big data, the Fashion industry is obviously not the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, the use of big data is quite common in industries like healthcare, marketing, finance etc. Surprisingly, big data is transforming this fashion industry, they are changing the way the designs are created and marketed. Fashion Industry is one industry which everyone is attracted to and fashion designers, customers are getting influenced by the big data for the betterment.


Better Product, happy customer

Big data plays a vital role in collecting information and using the same for making the new products based on the research. The big high-end brands are also investing huge money in the research process. As through the research, the company is able to improve their products for the betterment of the user. Not only that, they are even able to create and launch some new stuff that the user did not even imagine. 

Colour of the season:
Trending color changes from season to season and mood to mood. The fashion industry should understand the latest trend and know which is the most loved color of the season. Based on that, the whole collection is made. But the fashion store should know what their customers like and what they will buy. Depending on the owner fills their store. This all is done with Big Data, which helps the owner to get the data about which color is liked by their customer and what will they choose. 

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Suitable Ambassador:
A brand is known and recognized by its ambassador these days. Hence choosing the right ambassador for your brand can sometimes be a tricky job. The whole agenda of an ambassador is, people should connect them with your brand which in return, drives them to buy your product. Big data analysis helps the company to select the brand ambassador, they analyze whose emotions will connect to the audience. 

Big data is just a way of improving the products as well as the fashion trends. Retailers, product designers, customers and fashion designers have become aware of the big data importance. The Fashion industry and stores have noticed how big data has changed the whole scenario, it helped them to know what people will shop and how much the demand for the product will be.

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