How Big Data Is Changing Healthcare Industry

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 06-Apr-2018

How big data is chainging health industry


The data today is just too big to ignore. It is the new gold, which needs to be extracted, refined, distributed and finally monetized. We have around 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data and it will be doubled in next two years. The use of big data in healthcare might shock many but it can save lives of many. Have a look at some of the uses:


1. Patient’s care is everything


The healthcare industry is more focused on improving the patient’s care quality these days. Apart from that, they are also focusing on reducing the health care cost as well as providing support for reformed payment structure. Doctors are finding it useful in providing patient-related data. This at of sharing the data is in the favor of patients only as it helps in improving the healthcare. The process includes This approach requires reporting, processing, data management, and process automation. To provide the good healthcare, it is very much necessary that doctors and hospitals work together.



2. The healthcare and internet of things


The Internet of things is defined as the system of connected computing devices that are interrelated to collect and exchange data. There is a huge rise in the volume of data with each connected device. The data received from the IoT is mostly in the unstructured form. Thus the data engineers have enough scope of using Hadoop and analytics. Using IoT in healthcare is important and spending money on healthcare IoT will cost around $120 billion in the coming few years.


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3. Reducing the medical cost


The cost of the healthcare procedure is extremely high and is growing day by day. For this, the predictive analysis comes to the rescue by helping in cutting the hospital cost.Using Big data we can track those patients who are at high risk and needs proper attention. In this way, we could eradicate the readmission cost completely. Not only data, the improved technology will help in optimizing staff for a better pharmaceutical supply chain.



4. Use of Big data in Health Research department


The right type and amount of data are always needed for any research and same is in the case of the health department. All hospitals submit data of medical cases using big data. As without big data that data is of no worth. This data could save the life of many people and better care can be provided to all the patients.




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