How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming DevOps

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 17-Aug-2018

AI transforming DevOps

It won’t be wrong to say that DevOps team will face new challenges in the coming years. The future of DevOps is driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. When the AI improves, the scope of tasks will also improve which will directly affect the DevOps.


The DevOps practices generate large data which is used for monitoring, curing defaults, streamlining work processes and other tasks. Furthermore, major complicated DevOps process is not possible to achieve by humans. Since employees are not capable of handling a large volume of data, AI will become the main technology for computing and decision making. 

Artificial Intelligence is found almost everywhere and is quite a powerful technology. It accelerates production, increases precision, enables all type of automation for business tasks, and deliver better data analytics. Using AI in DevOps will make many tasks easier and employees will be able to focus on some other innovative work for the betterment of the company. 


Artificial Intelligence is all set to transform how to develop teams, deliver, deploy, and manage applications. Have a look at the following ways Artificial Intelligence will impact DevOps:

1. Improved data access
A lot of data is generated daily, however, using that data correctly is important. Every DevOps team faces a lot of issue in accessing that data properly to enhance the efficiency and management of the system. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can collate and analyze data from multiple sources, which helps you understand what happened over the certain period of time. This will give a good picture of daily trends. 


2. Security 
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks has become very common these days. Earlier it was limited to governments, big websites, and organizations but now small and midsize organizations are also at the target. 
To manage and identify such threats, a centralized logging architecture is needed. The use of anti-DDoS has been very effective in this situation. 

3. Better resource management
AI and Machine learning are all set to transform the DevOps completely. AI is capable of automating the routine tasks and as AI improves, the complexity of tasks that can be automated will also increase. Thus humans/employees will be simultaneously able to do so many other tasks. 


AI integration in DevOps can provide several other benefits:

  • It helps in improving customer success
  • Customer support monitoring becomes easier
  • Efficiency is improved
  • The risk is reduced drastically. 


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