How Are Companies Deftly Adopting Live Video Streaming Services

Posted By Priyansha Sinha | 15-Oct-2018

How Are Companies Deftly Adopting Live Video Streaming Services

One of the most beneficial facets of technological advancement is- brands can now have more elaborate and ethical ways to enhance their outreach among potential customers. Today, it is feasible to bridge the gap of time and distance, making it possible to reach wide masses dwelling in all parts of the world. Well, video streaming services and marketing is one such solution that is primarily being adopted by all kinds of industries and brands.


Creating a powerful experience where both customers and the service providers meet their goals is extremely vital. Having said that, one can achieve only through smart technical skills and in-depth market research. Video Streaming services, on the other hand, have come a long way and is now one of the most effective digital marketing strategies today. They are proven to improve product engagement, assist in building trust, and also increase customer interaction to a larger extent. Hundreds of thousands of minor and major brands are leveraging live video streaming services as their prime channel for interacting with users. But anyways, how do you think live streaming is benefitting the companies? Let’s see how.


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Launching New Products


Product rollouts through live streaming provide companies a rewarding medium to display & showcase their new products. They also give a submissive overview to the audiences, the features of the items, and how the new version differs from the existing & older versions.


Special announcements such as discount or cashback can also be made in live streaming, thereby giving the users more reasons to purchase the commodity. General Motors is a perfect example of the companies who live streamed the launch of their products on social media channels.


Hosting Training Sessions


Irrespective of the industry you are operating in, it is always mandatory to make your viewers aware of the products you are selling. Well, it can be somehow an easy process in terms of the total effort involved while on the other hand, it can also be effective enough to amplify your product conversions at the same time. The step-by-step streaming of ‘how-tos’ & ‘terms & conditions’ of a service can massively increase your customer engagement.


These practices assist in building enthusiasm among buyers & viewers and stimulate them to stay connected with your brand. The training sessions, however, render out better results when conducted at regular intervals.


Troubleshooting Sessions


In case if your customers have any common concern or if they are unable to understand any such feature related to your product, then live video streaming services can provide a better path to reach out to their queries.


Some companies have also assigned different working hours to resolve and troubleshoot all the issues raised by the consumers via hosting separate troubleshooting sessions. This helps in keeping your brand more transparent and as a result, improves relations with your existing and targeted customers.


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Other Applications


Apart from all the points I mentioned, there are several other applications of live video streaming. Here’s a quick glance at a few of them that are currently being implemented in the companies.


  • Hosting Interviews
  • Streaming ‘behind-the-scenes’ content
  • Live events
  • Conducting Q&A sessions
  • Running Contests
  • Company Announcements and messages
  • Customer Talk shows


Overall, I feel that the live streamed videos help a lot in bringing your brand back to life. Ranging from Roku, Wowza, and Kaltura, there are a handful of video streaming services offered by the service providers today. If you are also searching for the same, let us know. We are here to solve all your problems!

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