How AI will impact the humans

Posted By Harsh Soni | 31-Jul-2018
How AI will impact the humans

Technology is changing from decades and we are adopting it swiftly because we see capabilities to create more in them. The telephone was introduced in 1876 and it was the first V.R invention in its category. It took decades to adopt it and from the past 10 years, we are switching from technology swiftly.


Today we are in a world of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence where chatbots or Virtual assistants are interacting with us in human-like way. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon has already developed their V.R bots to help their customers.


How will AI impact Us, the Humans?


AI can take most of the jobs, but being human we have lots of value. Humans are creative and unpredictable, we take our decision on the basis of fact or gut instinct to a situation. We are guided by our moral and principals on the other hand an AI bot will think in a pattern or from its logical structure. AI bots can be the smartest and can make consistent decisions, but If they meet an unexpected condition, the probability of the right thing comes to low.


A good example of AI is the "US Postal Service". It's been modernizing mail sorting from past decades and now they have automated their 99% of the process. The remaining 1% is for the human when a machine fails to read an address. US Postal Service handles 500 million pieces of mails daily.


Accenture has identified the future employment in the world of AI. For example, a Context Designer will design smart decisions based on the process, individual, professional and cultural factors. There will be lots of other new jobs together with machines such as  


Explainer: People who will be needed to interpret the output of AI machines.

Sustainer: To optimize their behavior and effectiveness

Trainers: To provide analytics to make a judgment. 


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