Guidelines to Follow While Writing An Article To Engage People On Social Media

Posted By : Saloni Sardana | 25-Sep-2015


As there is no particular formula while writing an article , but I am going to share some useful guidelines that worked for my team, here are the following things need to be kept in mind.

1. Text of Around 350 - 500 Words


The main thing while writing an article is that it should contain fraction of keywords that you are triggering for, but acc to me one should not dominate about keyword density or the word limit.

As far as word limit is concerned , it’s best to write a short and meaningful article of 300 to 350 words than a 500 word article with unnecessarily stuff  (To my knowledge Google doesn't penalize for a "content fluff" but Acc to my hope they will consider it ).

Also keep in mind that on social media only the few words even the first few words are given more priority when you add article surrounding the images used in the social media . Make your point in the first few  words only : this will become much more remarkable.


2.  One Image at least ( 800 x 600 at least)

Social media turn out well on graphics/images, blog posts have no importance at all if there is no image use, as users on social media are more attracted towards images. You should have at least one image , one should embed at least one image in blog post , preferably one or two , because when listing URL’s on social media like Facebook and Linkedin ,social media team has a choice to promote more than one image .


It's clear to me on most blog articles images are considered to be weakest element. Using less professionally designed , cheap  images in a blog article is always a false step .A perfect, unique image, however, can add feasibility to the message in your text.

Make sure social media thumbnail image deliver well  , because that's the way most people want to see in their content .

Over the past few years Conventions for displaying image in blog articles have changed. Images that were small right- or left-aligned looked OK in 2008-2009 look out of date today. Because nowadays market is influenced by mobile phones, full-width images mark your post as "bloom." To make your blog look modern It's best to plan for any images to be at least 800 x 600 in size.


3. Links.

I feel scammed when people write a blog article without a link in it. The article with few hyperlinks in it would be more of value to the visitors . Providing links in your post in the starting can be more beneficial to engage social media users. This will help guide the readers to have a look at the main point.

Links are not meant for increasing content or for decoration , of course. Links function well and give your business remarkable results if used appropriately in the content and as visual signs that show you've done your research.

Links are absolutely beneficial from a social media perspective because post-publication ,social media team's first job is to promote those sources linked to in your article aggressively. To increase the chance of pickup on social media one way is to reach out audience on one to one basis. There is no better way in reaching on one-to-one basis

While writing next blog post try some of these approaches. You may get surprising results. Remember, to write wonderful text, create attractive images, and include proper hyperlinks is not enough. You, your social media team, or your agency, still has to get "into the trough" and has to motivate the crowds, organisations to share it so that we as a company can reach the heights and can excel. This is"content marketing” , job in the Marketing Component, without it, content will not be able to reach out to the desired audience .

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