Google Photos Can Create Themed Movies Using Machine Learning

Posted By : Vidushi Vij | 09-Feb-2018


Machine learning has been around for quite a long time now and is becoming the next big thing. It is revolutionising every field. Now, Google photos have used it to automatically create movies out of the pictures of your recent function or trips. The Movie will be based on the pictures you have in the library only.  The management service of Google Photos has been working on creating movies by using photos.



It uses the best images or videos to create the theme based movies. Google has rolled out the new version 3.13 and is available to all its users for creating movies manually which was earlier not possible. You can put together all your favorite picture with a music in the background to make a movie. The short movie can be shared with your friends and family.


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There are nine themes for creating  a short movie and one out of them is valentine’s theme. Rest of the themes are based on Mother’s day, father’s day, kids, cat and few more. For this valentine’s day Google has added the feature of sharing your library directly with your partner. To enable the sharing go to the menu bar and then select ‘Add partner account”.


Google is planning to add more themes in the near future.  The process of making a video starts by selecting images and Google will take the best pictures out of them also by choosing the music automatically. After that your move will be ready in 2 or 3 minutes. The Google gives the facility of editing the videos on Android and iOS mobile phones. The editing feature includes adjusting the clips or changing the background music. It has give one more interesting feature which is you can find some lovey dovey photos by searching hugs and kisses.




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