Google Makes Job Search Easy By Providing Salary Info

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | 16-Nov-2017

Google Makes Job Search Easy By Providing Salary Info

From now on, Job seekers will get information about the estimated salary for the job they are applying. The process of job finding on google search is a bit tedious task. Thanks to Google search engine for coming up with solutions. In the past, Google introduced some tools for searching job.These search tools have assisted people to look out for jobs. As acknowledged by the Company, many job seekers gave their feedbacks to Google about the difficulties they were facing in job search. Most of them raised queries about details related to salary in searching jobs. People wanted to know about salary details because it is that important aspect they look for while applying for a particular job.



Thus, Google has launched a new feature that will assist people know about the salary details when they search a job on Google at that moment. It implies that the salary info will appear immediately on search results of Google. They don’t need to click on job details or description to have the salary details.



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As per the research done by the team, Google has recognized that salary info was not present in the 85 percent of the job posts despite the fact that it is the most significant facet for the employers while making final decisions about the job. It has not been revealed by Google how it displays the estimated salary according to a job profile. However, the data related to salary is collected from the job sources it is associated with. These job sources are Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, PayScale and LinkedIn. The info regarding salary is also compared by google search tools with the estimated salaries from different job sources Along with this upgradation, you can find jobs by location. It will help you to choose jobs in your near by locations. With a new location filter, you can locate jobs upto any distance and set the filter ‘anywhere.’



At last, Google will be rolling out the feature where you can save your jobs. The jobs you have saved can be seen or applied later.Google is really helping out a large section of job seekers by adding these tools based on feedbacks.

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