Go Live On Twitter Using Periscope

Posted By Arun Singh | 15-Sep-2018


You can broadcast live videos on your twitter page using Periscope Producer with an existing Twitter account. First, you have to connect your twitter account with your Periscope Producer account and grant Periscope sharing permission.

Step 1:  What You Need

  • You must have a Twitter account.
  • You have Periscope Producer account.
  • You should have OBS Software.
  • Your video sources and all their connecting cables.

Step 2: Configure your content and encoding settings

First You have to configure your Periscope Producer live event before start broadcast. You need to configure some basic setting of OBS setting.  

  1. Open OBS in your System.
  2. Go to the Encoding page for your channel.  
  3. Verify the following OBS Encoding settings as recommend by Periscope.
         (a) The audio codec is AAC
         (b) The audio sampling rate is 44.1 kHz
         (c) Audio bitrate is 96 kbps
         (d) Video codec is H.264
         (e) Video bitrate is 800 kbps
         (f) Video framerate is 30 fps
         (g) Video keyframe interval is 2 seconds
         (h) Video frame size 960 x 540 px
  4. Save all changes by Click Save

Step 3: Periscope Live Event and configure OBS for RTMP Streaming.

Open your OBS software in your system and configure RTMP setting.

  • Open this Link  https://www.periscope.tv/  and Log in with your existing Twitter account.
  • Now go to the drop-down menu under on your profile picture and select Producer.
  • Select Create New Source and choose Normal Source.


  • You can edit Region if you are interested in sharing your geographic location.
  •  Click on the server URL and copy the data for OBS software encoder.
  •  Return to your OBS interface.
  •  Paste your Server URL in the OBS stream setting.
  •  Return to the periscope producer setting page and click on Stream Name / Stream Key and copy the data from there.

  • Paste your Stream Name / Stream Key in the stream name on OBS stream setting of stream key field.


Step 4: Start The Stream

When you are ready to preview your stream, start streaming from OBS to Periscope Producer.
You can use OBS start-stop button to begin and end the stream when you like. 

Step 5: Preview the Live Stream on Periscope Producer

Now you have to verify that Periscope Producer is receiving your live stream and that everything looks how it should.

  1. You have to see the Preview Broadcast button on Periscope Producer Setting.
  2. If your stream is good and you see the Show Recommended Setting link. Now you can preview your stream by clicking the Preview Broadcast button.
  3. When Periscope Producer preview page Show Warning link then clicks on the link to configure that your setting abides by Periscope Producers suggested preview. 
  4. Return to your OBS interface and go to your stream setting page to make any required changes.
  5. Saved any changes in OBS stream setting set up, click save.
  6. Now come back on Periscope Producer preview screen and refresh your browser window. If you see again Show Recommended Settings, then you are ready    To preview your stream, select Preview Broadcast.

Step 6: GoLive

  • You have to select Share this broadcast on a Twitter checkbox to push the live stream to your Twitter page.
  • Click Go LIVE on your Periscope Producer page.
  • Click on STOP BROADCAST on the periscope producer setting page and your event will stop. 
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