Getting started with Netgem SDK

Posted By Ajit Jati | 13-Nov-2013

Netgem is the name of leading IPTV solution provider , making the telecom industry capable to facilitate a great experience with the internet Tvs.

This blog is all about , how to get started with netgem , setting up environment , connect with tv in debugging mode.

Hereare few steps to setting up the devlopment enviroment :

  • First of all we need to link with your Netbox. The STB embeds a SSH server. You should have been provided a SSH key to connect to the box.
  • Inorder to Connect STB in devlopment mode we need to have that STB.Get a devlopment STB at
  • Now we need to get the IP address of the STB.A step by step guide provided here.  (Note : The STB and computer need to be on the same network while connected via ethernet or wifi.)
  • Te next step is to connect to the box using SSH protocol.A step by step guide provided here.
  • Now we will test if we have connected with STB properly.Connection Test.

Please use your netgem devloper account credentials to login to the devloper site.The Next blog will be creating hello world channel on STB with Netgem.

Cheers... :)

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