Get TiVo STB Box details using TiVo library functions

Posted By : Rahul Sarkar | 11-Jan-2017

Here I am going to describe how we can get the details of TiVo STB box using the library function of TiVo.
Tivo provided inbuild methods to use these methods we can easily get the details of STB like using device.getManufacturer() we can get the details about 
the Manufacturer of the device. We can also get the Model name, Mac id, Network Id and also we can get the details of the Memory.
So these library functions are very useful.

Here is the code example, how we can get the details using TiVo library:

		ready: function (client) {
			// called when the Client is ready, providing it via the client argument
			var device = client.getDevice();
			var manufacturerName = device.getManufacturer();
			var modelName = device.getModel();
			var conditionalAccessCardId = device.getConditionalAccessCardId();
			var macAddress = device.getMacAddress(tivo.client.NetworkInterfaceType.WIRED);
			var networkId = device.getNetworkId();
			var memory = client.getMemory();
			var memoryUsage = memory.getMemoryInfo();
			var serialNum = device.getSerialNumber();
			console.log("Manufacturer Name : "+ manufacturerName);
			console.log("Model name : "+ modelName);
			console.log("Conditional Access card Id number : "+ conditionalAccessCardId);
			console.log("WIRED MAC address is : " + macAddress);
			console.log("Network ID is : " + networkId);
			console.log("The available memory is: " + memoryUsage.memAvail);
			console.log("The memory limit is: " + memoryUsage.memLimit);
			console.log("Serial number is : " + serialNum);
		error: function (msg) {
			// called when the Client is unable to be created/initialized
			console.log("Error creating Client: " + msg);



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