Flutter App Development for Android and iOS Platforms

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 15-Sep-2019

Flutter APP Development


The demand for mobile applications has increased rapidly in recent years. Today, Google and Apple host more than two million applications on their respective app stores. Retailers, healthcare institutes, eCommerce companies, banking, and financial institutes are investing in mobile apps to provide on-the-go access to customers. Since an app is the face value of your brand it is essential to concentrate on its performance. Mobile app development plays a significant role in the functioning of an app. 


Some of the most famous App Development Frameworks known for improving the performance of an app: 


  1. Flutter 

  2. Kotlin

  3. ReactJs

  4. React Native

  5. Mean stack 

  6. Nodejs

  7. AngularJS

  8. jQuery 


The above listed mobile app development frameworks were designed to improve apps performance and reduce downtime. In this article, we will discuss Google’s Software Development Kit (SDK)  “Flutter”. 


Flutter has recently gained huge popularity amongst app developers. Let's explore some reasons for the popularity of flutter app development:


Single Code for Multiple Platforms: Flutter’s cross-platform compatibility enables developers to use one codebase to develop apps for both Android and iOS platforms. It also gives a start on developing for Google’s Fuchsia platform which is an all-new experimental OS under construction. Many developers think Fuchsia will replace Android in the near future. 


Perfect for an MVP: Flutter is an ideal app development framework to showcase your products to investors at an early stage. Developers can build a flutter mobile application that looks native on both iOS and Android operating systems. With Flutter, app developers can create a minimum viable product (MVP) to show investors how their products will look. For instance, A newly launched eCommerce platform can create MVP to display investors’ how their products will be  showcased. 


Less Code:  Launched in 2015, Flutter is an open-source web application framework that uses Dart, an object-oriented programming language. Dart’s compilation with Just-in-Time (JIT) has improved the development cycles by providing hot reload capability. Dart’s compilation with Ahead-of-Time (AOT) reduces app startup time and improves app performance.  With Dart, developers can create smooth animations and transitions that run at 60fps. Flutter app development uses fewer codes to encounter fewer bugs. 


Amazing Widgets: widgets are important for an app’s view and interface. Flutter has a rich set of widgets and capabilities to create complex custom widgets.  In Flutter, widgets are used for views, entire screens and even for the app itself. Each widget in Flutter is an immutable declaration of part of the UI. Most of the mobile app development frameworks separate view controllers, views, layouts, and other properties. Flutter is different, it has a unified object model with full set of widgets in Google’s material design and Apple’s style with the Cupertinipack. Widget rendering happens in the Skia engine without original equipment manufacturer widgets. It gives a smoother user interface when compared to other cross-platform frameworks. 


How native Android/iOS code interacts with other cross-platform frameworks

How Flutter interacts with the platform

Flutter App development Platform

Flutter App Development

Image Source: Hackernoon


Access to native features: Flutter gives the feel of developing a native platform to perform functions like camera and geolocation.  It enables app developers to reuse the existing Swift, Java, and Objective-C code to access native features and SDKs on iOS and Android.


Direct Support from the Developers : Flutter is Google’s initiative,therefore, app developers can take direct support from their material design team and developers. 



Our Value Offerings


Flutter Mobile App Development


Our developers use Flutter development architecture to build next-gen business applications to maximize productivity and user engagement. We build feature-rich mobile applications with Flutter SDKs that perform seamlessly across Android and iOS devices.


Flutter App UI UX Design


Our Flutter app development team makes use of special widgets to create a dynamic UI that provides easy navigation and seamless UX. 


Quality Assurance and Testing


Our QA engineers test and analyse your applications on various performance metrics to identify and eliminate bugs. We perform routine system checkups and usability tests to prevent software glitches and common system issues. 


Flutter App Integration


We formulate effective strategies to migrate your business application from its existing tech stack to popular hybrid mobile app frameworks. Our hybrid mobile app developers are experienced in creating automated transfer scripts for migrating your app data to hybrid platforms with minimal code changes


Support and Maintenance


We provide full-time support services to ensure that your app performs efficiently across devices with minimal downtime. Our on-demand support and maintenance services include accurate analysis of app data and its functionalities to improve app performance


Flutter app development framework supports development of data-intensive, real-time web and mobile apps. Developers can reuse codes and pre-designed components to build apps efficiently. High performance, responsiveness, and agility are the key benefits of Flutter mobile app development.  It offers effective processing so as to prevent users from facing downtime. 


Oodles Technologies is a  Flutter app development company that provides cross-platform mobile app development services to businesses across the globe. Our skilled team of Flutter app developers formulates effective strategies for maximizing user engagement. We have a dedicated design team that creates intuitive UI UX designs for easy navigation across devices. 

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