Familiar Automation Testing Framework for Web Applications

Posted By Hitesh Pandey | 25-Oct-2018
It is vital for associations to obviously distinguish the benefits and faults of a test computerization structure before picking a system. At the point when associations choose to computerize web application testing, they incline toward a straightforward yet a ground-breaking testing structure. Despite the fact that, there are a considerable measure of mechanization testing structures accessible in the market, Fluent Automation Framework completely emerges. Familiar Automation is plainly turning into a favored decision for mechanized web application testing. The essential purpose behind this system to pick up a more extensive acknowledgment is because of its nimbleness and simplicity of utilization. 
Programming testing specialists can utilize Fluent Automation Testing Framework to robotize any online application. It might be used with Selenium WebDriver C# and WatiN. Given underneath are a few irregular state features of the Fluent Automation Testing Framework
Familiar Automation Testing Framework Features 
  • The Fluent API is definitely not hard to learn and execute.
  • It offers the ability to share program events with a single line of code.
  • Tests can be kept running on different programs. 
  • Ultimately, it has an exceptionally pleasant strategy anchoring. 
Well ordered directions to Implement Fluent Automation Testing Framework
With the end goal to actualize a Fluent Automation Testing Framework, programming analyzers will require a unit test system. The unit test structure can either be xUnit, NUnit or MSTest (The default unit test system in Visual Studio test ventures). 
It is a truly straightforward method to begin web application testing utilizing Fluent Automation Testing Framework. In the first place, download the NuGet into Microsoft Visual Studio. Obtain the test classes from 'FluentAutomation.FluentTest' and call provider's reasonable Bootstrap procedure. Most of the computerization testing frameworks seek after this in the constructor of class. The Bootstrap procedure takes the program center as a conflict. Thusly, various projects can be passed as conflicts, if same tests are to be performed in each program.
  • Familiar Automation Testing Framework – Prerequisites 
  • Programming analyzers need fundamental programming testing learning. 
  • Mechanization testing know-how is basic. 
  • Essential comprehension of C# programming. 
  • Familiar Automation Testing Framework Advantages 
  • We should investigate a portion of the noticeable points of interest of the Fluent Automation Framework. 
Simple to peruse and fathom, how about we think about an occasion of Selenium Testing Framework with that of a Fluent Automation Framework (as it is likewise based on Selenium). In the event that a mechanization analyzer needs to compose something into a textbox utilizing Selenium Framework, the linguistic structure is as per the following: 
In any case, utilizing the Fluent Automation Framework, a computerization analyzer needs to just compose the code in the accompanying way: 
Regardless of whether a layman takes a gander at the content, they can without much of a stretch grasp by perusing each line of code. 
Predefined Methods 
There are predefined procedures available for each and every action in the Fluent Automation Testing Framework. So also as 'Enter' is to enter the data into a textbox or textarea, 'Select' is to pick the data from the dropdown menu. So additionally, 'TakeScreenshot' is to get a screen catch. That is really essential, redress? 
Technique Chaining 
As the name assigns, 'Methodology Chaining' licenses to chain the procedures without breaking the code i.e. Once 'I' has been presented, methodologies can be created without instating 'I' on various occasions.
Coming up next is a model that will make the thought unmistakable. Imagine there are three substance boxes and data is required to be gone into these textboxes. Utilizing the possibility of 'Method official' the dialect structure would appear as seeks after: 
Cross Browser Testing 
Robotization analyzers frequently battle with cross program testing. In any case, in the Fluent Automation Testing Framework if programming analyzers are required to test similar contents in numerous programs, they should simply put a comma and notice the program name. 
Selenium Integration 
In the event that product analyzers confront any issues with the Fluent Automation Framework or can't continue assist because of a component that isn't accessible inside the system, they can essentially incorporate this structure with the Selenium Automation Framework to accomplish the coveted usefulness. 
Single Line Coding 
In the Fluent Automation Framework, every one of the usefulness is accomplished by a solitary line of code i.e. choosing an incentive from the dropdown menu or changing to tyke window or even the intuitive usefulness and so on. To accomplish comparative usefulness in the Selenium Framework, programming analyzers should compose various lines of code. 
Here's a programming bit that would help programming analyzers to comprehend the manner in which contents are composed in the Fluent Automation Testing Framework: 
using FluentAutomation;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace ClassLibrary1
 public class HandlingBasicWebElements : FluentTest
 public void basicWebElements()
 //Below line to Launch Firefox Browser
 //Below line to navigate to a specified URL
 /Entering some email address into the content box utilizing the locator
 /Entering a few information into the content box utilizing the locator
 I.Enter("Fluent Automation Book").In("#tditma9>input");
 //Clicking on the submit button
Impediments of Fluent Automation Framework 
Like other Test Automation Frameworks, even Fluent Automation Framework has its very own arrangement of restrictions. It is essential for programming analyzers to comprehend the constraints previously proceeding with the usage. 
  • It just works with CSS Selectors to recognize the components on a page. 
  • Try not to expect any help; as it is an open source system. 
  • This system can't perceive streak objects.
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