Facebook Adds Game Streaming Support

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 27-Mar-2018

Facebook is all set to jump into the video game live streaming to compete with Twitch and YouTube with the launch of its new Games SDK for PC. Though the concept of live streaming is not new to facebook, but game streaming is.



Facebook is also adding some more features on instant games such as live streaming and video chat. According to the reports, around 250 million people video chat on the daily basis, thus adding games to the video chat could be the smart move. Adding interactive games to the video chat could give the tough competition to apps like hangout, skype, fam etc.


The company has been testing out games like Overwatch since 2016, and now the live broadcasting of games to the news feed is available to all the developers. The new development kit has been made to live stream PC games easily. The company is adding a new partnership to its Facebook Live Video Streaming platform. For this, a new kit is launched to make live streaming of games on PCs easier. The facebook gaming is declining since the launch of native games developed for android and ios.


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Initially 20 instant games were launched and now the number has gone to 70. This include games like Words With Friends Frenzy, ke Pac-Man and Space Invaders. But is there any company’s motto behind the launch of games live streaming? Well, yes! The purpose is to make people spend more time on the messenger, causing more traffic. The company want to make a great come back in the world of gaming. So if you wish to stream games on Facebook, you will have to use Razer Ripsaw capture card. There are other capture cards also, you can choose from. To get the best capture card, it's better to do some research beforehand.


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