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Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 29-Oct-2019

 OTT video streaming app development solutions


The popularity of Video-on-demand (VOD) apps or over-the-top (OTT) services has increased significantly in recent years. Users are more attracted to these OTT services due to the freshness of content available on these platforms. Today, OTT services are available for streaming Audio, Video, VOIP, and Messaging. In this article, we will discuss over-the-top video streaming services.


Apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime have majorly contributed to the popularity of Video-on-demand apps. Let’s look at some facts and figures to explore how Video streaming apps are redefining the entertainment industry.  


  • According to eMarketer’s research report, by 2019,  more than 182 million people subscribed to video services in the U.S. 
  • According to Multichannel research, Global OTT revenues are predicted to reach $129 billion by 2023. 

OTT video streaming platforms will continue to rule the entertainment sector in the coming years. If you are planning to get a video streaming app like Netflix then our video streaming app developers are there to guide you through this process. 

Before proceeding, let us understand commonly used synonyms for  OTT video streaming solutions. 

  • OTT v/s VOD: OTT is the subset of VOD. OTT works only on an internet connection whereas VOD requires a satellite or the internet to work. 
  • OTT AVOD v/s SVOD: The only difference between AVOD and SVOD is their business model. SVOD stands for subscription video on demand whereas AVOD stands for Ad-supported video on demand. Netflix and Amazon prime are two popular SVOD’s, on the other hand, Youtube and Pluto TV contributes towards AVOD’s popularity. 

If you are planning for on-demand video streaming app development then select SVOD or AVOD business models. 

Let’s Dig Into Some OTT Applications 

1. Multilingual Content: It is important to include multilingual content to enable users’ from different geographic locations to understand the content. Multilingual content will enable OTT service providers to expand their business easily even beyond geographical borders. Netflix with its multilingual content bagged over a million users. 

2. Search Bar: It is important to include a search bar in the OTT streaming platform. The design should be easily visible and easily accessible by people of all age groups. Also, include various genre option in the search drop-down menu for ease of navigation through different contents. 


3. User Profile: Evey app be it or a streaming or a non-streaming platform includes a section where users can fill in their details like age, gender, nationality, etc. Include a User Profile section to enable users to modify or filter their content preferences based on their viewing history. 


4. Watchlist: Provide users with watchlist functionality. Watchlist enables users to add things they wish to watch later. If you are including a watchlist in your video streaming app then add a notification mechanism to remind users to watch the series. 


5. Social Features: Including a sharing button increases the chances of active users’ on your video streaming app.   A sound OTT app development company adds a sharing button to expand the services through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.  


6. Screen Mirroring: Screen mirroring enables users to watch content on different screens. Provide a screen mirroring option so that users can easily view the content on desktops or TV screens without hassle. Ways to implement screen mirroring is:


  • Through Google Cast SDK
  • Screen Mirroring with AirPlay- works with Apple TV and linked iOS apps. 


If you are planning to add many users to your application, the best practice is to include multiple screens in the app just like Netflix. 


7. In-App Purchases: Including this section is relevant only when you have an SVOD business model. Businesses with AVOD model may or may not include this option. AVOD users can remove advertisements on any video through a subscription model. Youtube is an ideal AVOD example users can skip ads through a paid subscription module. 


How much does an OTT Video APP Cost?


The cost of a video streaming app fluctuates based on features you would like to include.  More the feature higher the app development cost. For more details on the cost of an OTT app like Netflix read this-  Cost Considerations of a Netflix Like App



OTT Video Delivery Services we Offer


  • Set-top-box Application Development: We deliver native set-top box solutions that are fast, intuitive, and engaging. Our OTT experts develop apps for multiple SVOD and AVOD platforms like Amazon Fire TV stick, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, Vewd TV, webOS SDK, Foxxum OTT, and more. 
  • Smart TV App Development: We specialize in creating feature-loaded Smart TV applications using SDK technology. Our developers build user-friendly smart TV apps for clients across the globe. We have expertise in developing Smart TV apps for Samsung Native, Tizen, Opera, and others.
  • Video CMS, Chat and Conferencing: We integrate Video Content Management System( CMS), video chat and conferencing with existing OTT platforms. We help clients communicate and collaborate with businesses overseas to facilitate business expansion.  We also provide features like sharing and recording to help businesses and teams collaborate and work together effectively.
  • WebRTC Application Development: We integrate WebRTC in business-specific web applications that enable clients to position their brands through scalable WebRTC application development. Our solutions include screen sharing,audio-video communication, tracking, real-time text chat, data exchange, live streaming, recording, and more.
  • Video  Experiences through CDN Integration: Our on-demand video streaming app development experts achieve uninterrupted delivery of high-quality videos (live and on-demand) to web-connected devices with Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our CDN offerings include Google CDN, Tata Communications CDN, CloudFront, and more.
  • Video and Image Analytics: we provide video and Image analytics to reduce manual work and accelerate business operations. Our expert services enable clients to manage their media assets including image, text, or audio/video content. Oodles video streaming app developers use special designing algorithms to detect motion, objection, media customization, and patterns.
  • 360 Degree Streaming Solution Development: we deliver 360 Degree Video Streaming services with high-quality videos important for a video streaming business. Our services provide support for 360-degree video and VR across desktop/mobile browsers, live streaming, and VR Headset Streaming Integration.
  • Video Surveillance Solutions: We deliver video surveillance solutions for optimal performance and real-time monitoring. Our video surveillance development includes IP and analog systems, reporting, video analytics, monitoring and verification capabilities, cloud-based storage, and access control.

Are you planning to get a video streaming app like Netflix? Contact Oodles technologies, we are a leading OTT Video streaming app development company that delivers scalable live video streaming apps at competitive prices. For details on creating an OTT platform and other related services contact us today


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