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Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 30-Jan-2020

Video Streaming App Development

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Survey around 47% of live video streaming viewers across the globe are streaming more live videos in comparison to the last year. 


It is evident through the above stats that the demand for live streaming apps is growing rapidly. Various industries are using live video streaming apps to establish their business and connect with users from different parts of the globe. As a video streaming app development company we receive requests for live video streaming apps that can be used for sharing knowledge or imparting knowledge to students in remote areas. We also receive requests for OTT app development services that users can use to consume interactive video content any time anywhere. 


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According to eMarketers research consumers on average spend 83 minutes per day consuming digital video content. It is expected that the average time on these streaming apps may rise up from 83 minutes to 92 minutes by the end of 2020. 


Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitch, Instagram Live are the popular live streaming applications that have gained huge traction over the years. Investing in a live video streaming app can be really beneficial for businesses that are planning to establish their business in other countries. With the help of live video streaming apps businesses will be able to spread their links overseas. 


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Let’s explore different types of Video Streaming apps


Live Broadcasting App

Live broadcasting apps enable users to go live and interact with people. These apps entertain users and allow them to watch videos in real-time mode. Live videos are broadcasted and recorded simultaneously. The recording mode enables users to watch a live video even after it is finished. Various YouTubers use YouTube’s live mode to communicate live with their audiences. The youtube channels are now collecting details about their customer's preferences through Live streaming. YouTubers have started live voting to get views from their audiences on different topics. 


Facebook Live is used for sharing experiences with the audiences. The customer category of YouTube audiences differs from Facebook live. Before you decide to invest in a live video streaming app it is good you decide what purpose you should fulfill. 


Video On Demand Streaming 

Video streaming apps like Netflix have gained huge popularity in recent years. These apps enable users to consume content at any time of their preference. The main reason for the popularity of video streaming apps is new and unique content available on these platforms. Video streaming apps are available for smart TV as well as for mobile phones to add comfort to consumer viewing experiences. Using video streaming apps consumers can watch the latest movies, web series, comedy shows, and much more. The users have to pay a subscription fee to consume content through these video streaming apps. The leaders in this niche are Netflix, Hulu, Vevo, Amazon Prime, etc. 


Understanding the Benefits Of Creating Live Streaming Application


Investing in a live streaming app can be really beneficial for businesses that are planning to establish their business overseas. Let’s explore the benefits of getting a live video streaming application developed:  

Gain More Attention Of Customers 

Live streaming enables businesses to establish a strong connection with their customers. YouTuber’s use live streaming options because during that time they can better understand their audiences and establish a better connection with them. At the time of live streaming, businesses gain more attention. Also, at the time of live streaming more users connect online than offline. Live streaming apps keeps customers engaged and gain more attention from them.   


Increase Brand Loyalty 

At the time of live streaming, a huge audience gets connected with you that helps in establishing your brand name. Businesses can use live video streaming app to market products that customers are looking for and increase their loyalty towards your brand. 


Huge Return On Investment

Just by rendering video content through live streaming apps businesses can earn huge profits. To make huge returns on your investment ensure the video quality is exceptional and the content is highly engaging.  


Are you planning to invest in a video streaming app like Netflix or a Live streaming app like YouTube and Facebook Live? We are a video streaming app development company that video streaming apps for businesses across the globe. Our popular video streaming app development solutions include: 

  • Video-on-Demand Apps
  • Subscription-Based Video Streaming Apps
  • Advertisement Based Video Streaming apps

For queries on video streaming app development, get in touch with our experts today! 


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