ERP Solution integration with Blockchains

Posted By : Chandan Lunthi | 15-Nov-2017

ERP integration with Blockchain

Blockchain has taken the internet by storm and has become red hot topic nowadays. It's power and openness for future has given a big power to industry. ERP is always a hot topic for an organization to manage things inside it. ERP make things easier to manage and analyze. But still, we have tons of issue on existing ERP solution like security, reliability, scalability, cost etc. Blockchain offers same sort of things which seems to be missing from existing ERP solution. Here is small brief of the Term Blockchain and ERP.


What is blockchain?

The blockchain is a distributed and decentralized solution for the various application. It is fast, secure, reliable, the trustless technology which tremendous potential to grow and change the world. Example of some of the successful things which are using blockchain are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Eitherium, Litecoin, Blackcoin, ripple etc and financial banking solution like RBI, SBI, ICICI Bank etc. Blockchain has been adopted by almost every tech giant and they have doing tons of research work and using this technology to make life easier, secure and reliable.


Block chain provides secure, scalable, fast and reliable apps for business and individual purposes. Data is secure as it is distributed in the network and each node in network consist of same data. If some user wants to change data then the user will request for change and other will approve is change is relevant. It is a mutual agreement between the nodes that change should be verified by other nodes.

Blockchain Model: Blockchain Model


What is ERP? 

ERP is very popular term as it stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is an application or software which is responsible for the management of organization all requirement like employee management, attendance management, customer management, resource management. There is various solution which is available for the need but some how they are very expensive, less secure, less scalable and less reliable. 

About Your ERP Need: Your ERP need


Using Blockchain for ERP Solutions

So as we can see there are still many problems exist with the ERP solutions, similarly blockchain same sets of features so it will be the very great idea of using Blockchain technology in the ERP solution to make things very fast, secure, scalable and maintainable. With integrating ERP solution with blockchain business can take great height as blockchain still in its initial state still has lots of things within this limited time.

ERP solutions are like forever things in management so it will be the great idea to make ERP solution on top of blockchain so that application will be very adaptable for future aspect and scalability.

We as technologist have some solutions intentionally using the same combination. 


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