Drupal CMS Based Websites Are Empowering The Media Industry

Posted By : Priyansha Sinha | 28-Dec-2018

Drupal CMS Based Websites Are Empowering The Media Industry


The very popular and powerful database-driven Drupal CMS based websites are great for presenting and managing evolving content, complex relational data, and rich media such as videos and images online. This technology is driven by a MySQL data and PHP web language- an ideal preference for the development of dynamic CMS web sites.


The business model of the media industry has massively evolved in the past few years and the introduction and incorporation of promotional tools and newer technologies have further accelerated the process. These latest advancements have one superlative motive- mass media integration with maximum security. Consequently, the media industry and its progressive business model is not only broadcast-based but it is predominantly oriented towards sharing of data across boundaries and integration of user’s experience. This UX that is driving the mass media euphoric is carried by one prime need- customization in accordance with what user wants to experience, hear, or see. A high-quality vlog, podcast or website is what sets it apart from its contest. And with that comes in the need for Drupal- an industry transforming CMS Website Management Tool.


Additionally, Drupal is the leading & the most sought-after Content Management System (CMS) and an efficient Content Management Framework (CMF) that assists in powering dynamic apps and websites with maximum feasibility and minimum efforts.


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Why entertainment & media industry is using Drupal’s Content Management System?


  • Drupal is easily customizable and highly versatile.
  • The photo gallery module greatly assists in the customization of product images along with the scorecards, templates and several other features to make the user’s product viewing experience more exciting.
  • Since Drupal facilitates social bookmarking, it permits the users to review and rate multiple products and consequently share them with countless users via social media platforms such as Twitter & Facebook with just one click.
  • Drupal is extremely search-friendly, therefore, it allows the web developers to swiftly perform ‘on-page’ SEO with proper semantics.
  • The sign-on integration allows the integration of Drupal with other apps which is extremely beneficial for multiple applications installed on a single platform.
  • Drupal is highly scalable and allows allocation and seamless management of high volume data.


Besides, Drupal is a free and open source Content Management System present out there in the market that enables custom web designs without any charge. Core module development with easy access controls as well as a lot of free web templates are what makes Drupal the best preference for any media oriented or e-commerce websites.


Further to this, Drupal gives myriad of benefits to the multi-faceted media and entertainment industry which inculcates:


  • Social media interactivity
  • Cross-platform portability
  • Content Management
  • Respectable ROI
  • Monetization oriented


All in all, I believe that Drupal has limitless advantages. Surprisingly, even the website of US White House is managed with the help of Drupal! THerefore, you can gauge an idea of how efficient and powerful Drupal CMS based websites can actually be for your business. Still unsure how to start? Get in touch with our experts; they will seamlessly guide you towards a remarkable Web development and related solutions.


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