Different Roles In Game Development

Posted By : Chandan Lunthi | 05-Feb-2018

Game development has very rich history and games are very popular among all age groups. The video game has produced over $100 billion revenue last year and everybody wants to be part of them and want to generate more wealth for itself. Game development is very sequential and consistent process. It requires a very skilled team of many members and each has there own roles. Each role has there owned specific task, the team can be a single unit or can be an international team based upon requirement. 


Here are some specifically defined roles in the Game Development.


1. Designer


Game Designer is a team member which creates gameplay, rule, and structure of the game. It includes the User interface, documentation, narration, content and packing video game. They are responsible to create the game character, their graphics, their roles, they voices, there visual and all graphics related work. There can be multiple people can be in the team which more specific roles and there will be one lead person which will coordinate with the game development team for the development process.


2. Artist


Artist is a team member or team who create game art. This art includes creating the jungle view, different viewport, and another related task. They are also graphic oriented team but mostly works on creating the scene and their visuals. These may be 2d or 3d oriented.


3. Programmer


A programmer is a team which writes logics within the game and allows the user to make relatable to normal life. Programmer controls the flow of the game. Codebase is handled by the programmers


Individual programming disciplines roles include


4. Level designer

Level Designer is a person who creates different levels and designs them. Level Designer creates challenges and stages in the game. These programs may be commonly available commercial 3D or 2D design programs. Mostly there are some tools available which eliminate the need for the level designer and they provide some standard libraries for that purpose.


5. Sound Engineer

Sound Engineer is the person responsible for the sound effect and sound programming. It includes voice editing, audio merging in the game.


6. Tester

Game Tester is the person who tests all the flow of the game and graphics quality. A tester is a final person which assure the quality of the game and identify its flow or bugs before they can go to end user. It takes a very skillful person to find the issue and should have a very good understanding of the game and its concept.


Reference Link: https://www.slideshare.net/iTawy/introduction-to-game-development-55854080

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