Desktop Build of An Node Application

Posted By : Neha Yadav | 25-Nov-2018


This article covers any application written in NodeJs as backend and angular 5 as frontend.

We can make desktop build of an application but before that, we need some prerequisites in a system in which we are about to make the build.

Following are the steps to make the build:-

Step 1:- Node Package Manager(npm) and NodeJs should be installed in the system. ( for all three Linux/windows/mac)

curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

check the npm version

npm -v

check the node version

node -v

 Step 2:- Install angular 5 in the system. ( for all three linux/mac/windows)

i) first install typescript:-

sudo npm install -g typescript

ii) then angular

npm install -g @angular/cli

iii) check the angular version

ng -v

Step 3:- Test your application on local host whether its running or not

ng serve -o

Step 4:- If the program runs successfully then make a build of your application

ng build

Step 5:- Install electron-package globally. This package is responsible for making the desktop build. We have to install it in our system to make it.

npm install electron-packager -g

Step 6:- Finally make desktop build by using this command

i) windows

electron-packager ./ ApplicationName --platform=win32 --arch=x64

ii) Linux

electron-packager ./ ApplicationName --platform=linux --arch=x64

iii) mac/IOS

electron-packager ./ ApplicationName --platform=darwin --arch=x64

Step 7:- If the build was successful then a folder will be created by application name

cd ./ApplicationName

Step 8:- Run the application

Double click on the application icon. And application will be run on the desktop.




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