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Posted By : Kiran Bisht | 25-Nov-2015

It’s a smartphone world and we all are living in a smartphone zone. All smartphones run on various operating systems. With the constant advancement of technology all the mobile operating systems are upgrading their systems too. With the upgrades smartphones are becoming even more smarter which increases the demand of these phones.


So why smartphones are in demand these days? It’s all because of the mobile applications that help every user in everyday life. When smartphones were first launched, there were very few apps but now you have an pp for almost everything. Different operating systems offer their own software kits to create mobile app for their smartphones.


Windows, Android, and iOS are some of the most popular mobile platforms available. Developing apps for all different platforms can be quite high. This is one of the reasons that developers choose either of the platform to build an app for. So developers worldwide put their efforts, creativity, and solution to solve this problem. Developers came up with a newfound technology called “Cross Platform Technology”.


With the help of this technology developers generate one code for the mobile app and it works on all the mobile platforms, which eventually reduces development cost. During the initial days of the cross platform technology, there were some issues that were resolved later by bringing huge changes and different frameworks.


The cross platform mobile app can be created on multiple frameworks and languages according to client’s requirements and purpose of the app. The technologies that are used in cross platform mobile app development are: Jquery Mobile, PhoneGap, Titanium etc.  

There are technologies that will be developed in future for the development of absolutely perfect cross platform mobile apps.


Makes easy for developers


The new platform also makes it easy for developers to create mobile applications using these frameworks. These frameworks employ JS, HTML5, and CSS. There are many others languages that are used in the cross platform app development.


Multiple plug-in can be utilized in the apps which can help in accessing microphone, camera, sensor, location services etc to make the app more useful for users.


The most noteworthy benefit offered by the cross platform mobile apps are reduced costs, comfort of development, easy support for all mobile operating systems.



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