Core Data Stack in iOS

Posted By : Varun Wadhwa | 10-Apr-2017

Core Data is poweful framework on iOS SDK that allows programmer to store and manage the data in Object Oriented way.

In this I'll explain core data stack : 

Core Data stack  composed of following layers.

1. Managed Object Model

2. Manged Object Context

3. Data Model

4. Persistant Store Coordinator

5. Persistant Object Store



Managed Object Model : It's collection of entity descrition, think about it as database schema and It represent our data model. NSManagedObjectModel class is use to implement  it.

Managed Object Context : It keep track of all things we are doing with managed objects, it's a like a virtual board. 

Managed Object : Represent the entity we want to store in core data. In swift NSManagedObject instances are use to represent our data.

Persistant Store : The object that represent actual db on disk. It is responsible to persist the data on disk.

Persistant Store Coordinator : It's the object that coordinate reading and writing of infofrom and to persistant store. It act as bridge between Managed object context and persistant store.



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