Common Issues With Google Home And How To Fix Them

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 10-Apr-2018

common issues with Google Home

Designed to help you control the various smart devices and Google services in your life, Google Home functions similarly to the likes of Amazon Echo — except, you know, for Google stuff. While the Home is a nifty product and promising voice assistant, things don’t always go as planned. But every device has its own drawback. There will be a point where you might face some difficulty while operating Google Home. We’ve put together a list of some of the common problems that you might face. 


  1. Facing problem in Connectivity?

The connectivity issue is the most common problem you will face as a Google Home user. To solve this problem, follow these steps:

  • Try rebooting your device by launching the Google Home App on connected. After that select Devices option is given on the upper right corner. 
  • Select the Home device, then select settings from the three dot icon given on the upper right corner.
  • Click on reboot and then more.
  • If the device is still not working after rebooting several times then contact the Google support.

2. Is Google Home ignoring you?

Google Home can sometimes stop responding to you. This can happen due to many reasons such as:

  • If you place your speaker near to a noisy device such as air vent, cooler, TV, radio, microwave etc.
  • Your voice is not loud enough. To solve this problem, just place your Google Home where it can hear you easily. 
  • Look out for Home’s mic. Someone could have turned it off accidentally. To check if the mic is on or off, see if four yellow lights are there on the Google Home. If yes, then the microphone is off. It can be turned on again by switching on the button given on the back of the speaker. 


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3. Music Doesn't Play

Are you facing poor music playback? Or the music has stopped playing suddenly? Does It takes forever to load a song? The best solution to deal with these problems is to reboot the device r you could simpy unplug the Home and leave it as it is for about few minutes. Another case could be, Someone has accidentally turned off the volume. Try looking out for that as well. 


4. Is it telling you wrong location?

All the Google Home users can relate to this. Sometimes your device is giving you some strange results when you ask about traffic, weather or your current location. To solve this problem:

  • Open Home App
  • Open settings in the top left the corner.
  • Go to Google account settings by clicking More settings. 
  • Click on Google account settings and select personal Info.
  • Select work and home locations. 
  • Add your location manually and wait if it could locate the home. 


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