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Posted By Kiran Bisht | 24-Feb-2015

There are many questions about cloud that you must have heard or even asked yourself. What is cloud? How does cloud work? How does cloud affect our work? And what not. Cloud is almost everywhere now.




In the easiest terms, cloud computing is keeping and accessing programs and data over the internet in place of hard drive of any computer. You can say, cloud is nothing but a metaphor for the internet. In simple words, cloud computing is not about your hard drive. All the data and everything you need is with you physically, which makes data accessing easy and fast.



Some businesses choose to implement SaaS, where the company subscribes to an app it accesses over the internet. Some choose PaaS, where a company can build its very own custom app for company’s use. Cloud computing is a really big business, and this industry will soon be generating $100 billion a year.



Some Benefits of Cloud Computing


Controlled Interface


This is a feature of cloud computing that leads to not just customer success and usability but also integration points, user community and access. The advantage of maintaining a controlled interface is that every user of cloud computing platform experience the same thing.  


Omnipresent Access


This means the user should be able to access service or the platform from any kind of device or OS which is quite different from location independence. Platforms that just work on on a specific OS like Windows or need a computer to access a service limit the usability of the platform, and also affect its capabilities.


Rapid Elasticity


Rapid Elasticity is the ability of an app, service or a platform to scale to meet needs. The advantage of a completely elastic environment is that only the required is used by users.


Some Famous Common Cloud Examples You are Probably Using


  • Google Drive: A pure cloud computing service. It is not just available on desktop but on tablets like iPad too. In fact, Google’s every service can be considered as cloud computing.
  • Amazon Cloud Drive: It is primarily for for music, ideally MP3s that users purchase from Amazon.
  • Apple iCloud: This cloud service of Apple's is mainly used for online sync and storage of your data like contacts, mails etc.  


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