Cloud Computing And Its Testing Tools

Posted By : Himanshu Shukla | 25-Jun-2018

Cloud Computing: Its based on internet platform that provides some computing services like hardware, software and other computer-related services.

Cloud Computing is in three flavors:

  • SAAS(Software as a service)
  • PAAS(Platform as a service)
  • LAAS(infrastructure as a service)

1.SAAS: it is the topmost flavor of which we develop the application on which application is generally visible to any user. Ex-Gmail, google doc etc.
2. PAAS-it is the second or central flavor of cloud. its provides runtime platform on demand.
3.IAAS-its the last or most fundamental layer of cloud. its provides all infrastructure like physical resources, storage,  network devices etc on demand.

Types of the cloud:
1.Public clouds-in which services are available to everyone where the resources are allocated as per requested.
2.Private clouds-in which services are available only those used within the company.generally its protected by the firewall.
3.Hybrid clouds-its combination of both type of clouds in which organization provides the permission for using services.

Cloud Testing Forms:
It can be divided into 4 different categories;
1.Testing of the whole cloud: in this, we test cloud as a whole entity based on its features, specification, and testing is carried out based on that.
2.Testing within a cloud: in this, we test that inside the cloud by checking each of its internal features.
3.Testing across the clouds: this testing is based on specification and based on different type of clouds like a public, private and hybrid.
4.SaaS testing in a cloud: in this, we test functional and non-functional testing as per requirement.

Testing types in the cloud:

  • Performance
  • Availability
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Live upgrade testing
  • Load
  • Functionality
  • Regression
  • Retesting 
  • Network Testing

Benefits of cloud testing:

  • Low cost
  • Dynamic availability of testing environment
  • scalability
  • Easily customizable

Cloud testing tools:
Tools for Performance Testing in the Cloud: this tool is used for performance, load and stress testing and some tools are used for functional testing

  • SOASTA CloudTest
  • LoadStorm
  • CloudTestGo
  • AppPerfect.
  • Jmeter
  • Cloudslueth
  • CloudTestGo
  • AppPerfect

cloud security testing tools:

  • Nessus
  • Wireshark
  • Nmap
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