Catering to Changing Viewing Preferences with Smart TV Apps

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 27-May-2019

Set Top Box Apps and Their Future

Subscription video on demand( SVOD) and over the top (OTT)  platforms are creating a significant impact on the media and entertainment industry. Broadcasters now provide consumers the option to buy set-top boxes that support streaming services. Smart TV apps can run on such set-top boxes to enable consumers to access video content at their convenience.


It has become critical for media businesses to include TV apps as a part of their services offerings due to the rising competition from OTT players.


At Oodles, we have the expertise to build tv apps for Roku, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV stick, Samsung TV, webOS SDK, Foxxum OTT, and other VOD and OTT platforms. Let’s explore the benefits of set-top-box apps for media and entertainment businesses and how our OTT experts can fulfill your smart tv apps requirements.



Checklist Required in Creating Online TV Channel


More Personalised Location-based Content


Businesses can choose smart TV apps for advertising their products in a specific location. They can deliver localized advertisements for higher customer engagement.  Advertisers can deliver personalized content to alert viewers in a particular area about discounts and offers available in their immediate vicinity.


Putting Analytics to Use  


Products or services advertised through smart TV apps give media and entertainment enterprises access to insights about the most trending products. It increases their understanding of customer preferences. The collected data also serves as a base for developing a smart tv app with features essential for better engagement.    



Example: lifestyle apps can be used for advertising products of healthcare, fitness, clothing, and accessories. Data generated on advertising can help business understand users likes and dislikes better.



Smart TV apps are highly impactful for boosting customer engagement and increasing business leads. These apps provide a tough competition to satellite TV providers by generating more TRP’s for specific content.



Are you planning to boost your media business? Contact our Roku tv app developers for dynamic, engaging and user-friendly apps. Our developers are well versed in creating customized apps for different business verticals. We deliver native set-top box solutions that are fast, intuitive, and engaging for users across the globe. Our solutions enable the clients to reach out smartly and reflect their brand to earn a place in the competitive marketplace. We deliver Smart TV apps for Samsung Native, Tizen, Opera, and more.


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