Can Machines Supersede Humans In Future Planning

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 27-Jun-2018

Can Machines Supersede Humans In Future Planning

Since the inception of technologies like Machine Learning and AI, we have come a long way ahead. The human race has always been intrigued by the notion of robots doing all the things that an average human being can do in his day-to-day lives. Although the advent Robo Servants, RoboCops or Pilots still seem so far-fetched, it’s definitely not a pipe-dream. There’s a sharp possibility that robots may replace humans in many different areas. To make it happen, it’s important that Machines could be taught to think and act like humans. Thanks to the Machine Learning algorithms, this has also become possible. But what seems to be more challenging is that how effective and accurate the machines can be when it comes to future planning and prediction.


Future Planning is always very important and this where we don’t like to leave any stone unturned, right? And why not. After all, it will decide the fate of an action. While making an important decision, it is always crucial to analyze all the risk factors involved. And if we are able to predict the potential outcome of an event, it will definitely help us make better decisions with calculated risk.


Computer Scientists from the University of Bonn are apparently working on a computer software which can predict the future events with up to 40 percent accuracy. The team behind the project reveals that their software could make predictions of events up to five minutes into the future with 15 to 40 percent accuracy. Although these figures may not be very high but considering the fact that how hard it can be for anyone to predict what’s going to happen next, it’s definitely a step forward towards new AI innovation.  


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How Does The Prediction Model Work?

The lead researcher, Dr. Juergen Gall states that the fundamental goal of the system is to understand a sequence of events to make future predictions of up to few minutes. However, the process of understanding a sequence of events is not new. In fact, this has been the primary focus of Machine Learning and Computer Vision algorithms lately. But the research in these fields is mainly focused on the interpretation of the current action or prediction of the next action. But Gall’s research is slightly different from this approach and is mainly focused on a single, retroactive prediction.  


Dr. Gall proclaims that given a proper hardware body, the software can help the human workers in almost every industry by alleviating their tasks and streamlining the decision making process.


The research is still going on and the research team is trying to enhance the accuracy of the system to make it fit for use in various industries.


Now the question worth asking is, “should we trust machines or robots?” and “can they supersede humans in future planning?” It’s all a matter of time and new researches done in the field of AI innovation. But if Machines can make predictions better than humans, then clearly they can be as effective in future planning either.

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