Bring Digital Disruption with Blockchain Powered AR VR Technology

Posted By : Asha Devi | 02-May-2019

Blockchain technology provides greater transparency, enhanced traceability, security, and, efficiency while reducing investment costs. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are novel means of engaging with customers. Oodles brings you a promising combination of these two technologies. We solve several problems related to data transparency and fraud while engaging the customers and successfully earning their trust.

Blockchain powered AR/VR Technology

Blockchain and AR/VR technology are emerging technologies that are being adopted by enterprising businesses due to their disruptive benefits.




Businesses are steadily realizing the benefits of blockchain. They are making significant investments in developing next-gen services platform.  


Decentralization, transparency, and immutability are the three main reasons for its widespread acclaim. It authenticates digital information leading to innovative business applications such as smart contract, crowdfunding, governance, supply chain auditing, prediction market, file storage, IPR protection, and more.


William Lovell, at Blockchain Expo 2019, commented that end users don’t need to understand blockchain. He compared it to consumers that use services that are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), yet they don’t know that AWS exists (for example, Netflix). So consumers don’t need to understand every aspect, but it’s worth appreciating that blockchain gives people a level of control over data which they haven’t had in the past.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are transforming the way we interact with the world, especially in advertising, retail, training, healthcare, or education. Moreover, the transparent interfaces, ubiquitous access, and adaptive engagement have enticed several enterprises to adopt AR and VR devices for building enterprise applications.


Smartphones coupled with headsets, Oculus Rift, 360-degree cameras are easily accessible means for consumer VR usage. AR and VR are transforming critical business areas such as communication, collaboration, field, and customer experiences.


“AR/VR works as a platform not because of portability or personalization, but because of its increased intuitiveness,” says Steven Kan, Google’s head of AR/VR global strategy.


How can these two work in combination?


Blockchain Powered AR/VR Technology:


Blockchain with AR and VR is drastically changing the way we interact with digital content. It is expected that the combination of blockchain and AR/VR technologies can have a great socio-economic impact. Here are a few things to consider about these technologies -  

  • Decentralized storage facilitates faster access to information

  • Peer-to-peer connectivity facilitates body tracking of avatars and voice chat in virtual space(s)

  • Cost-effective and wider adoption of VR/AR technology

  • Provide users more control over data

  • Preserves users’ privacy and security

  • Enhances dissemination of information and performance

  • Represent fungible and non-fungible digital assets with token protocols

  • Validate transactions and establish rules in the virtual world using smart contracts


How Oodles Help Industries Adopt Blockchain Powered AR/VR Technology?


Blockchain-based project for AR and VR technology have been implemented by several industries creating a meaningful impact. We at Oodles provide AR VR app development services and assist you to derive the benefits of these technologies.


Some of the scenarios have been highlighted below.

Blockchain powered AR/VR technology industries



The consumer benefits are quite obvious along their purchase journey. We help your customers make the purchase decision process quicker and easier.

  • 3D visualization to choose the right product

  • Assurance of buying selected products as blockchain makes counterfeiting harder

  • Secure online transactions enabled by smart contracts

  • Enable businesses to cut overhead cost


Online gaming:


We couple AR/VR technology with blockchain to create a tremendous change in the gaming industry.

  • Eliminate in-game store with blockchain-based transactions

  • Eliminate middlemen through decentralized gaming model(s)

  • Ensure security while buying/selling gaming materials

  • Enhance the interactive gaming experience with block-chain based gaming apps


Content creation:


We integrate blockchain technology in the AR/VR industry for digital advertising and bring changes to the monetization process.

  • Enable digital advertisers to monitor users’ interaction

  • Assist content creators to manage their intellectual property

  • Manage the cost of producing content, copyright infringement, and payment

  • Enable users to make payments directly to content owners


Virtual socialization:


With blockchain’s decentralization, we provide better user experience, overcome data network issues, eliminate intermediaries so that users may socialize freely.

  • Monetize live events with crypto tokens

  • Provide users the experience from the comfort of their home with block-chain based platforms

  • Deliver immersive virtual experience of seminars, events, conferences, and more

  • Share the same virtual experience despite the varied physical location


Let’s wrap it up:


Blockchain and VR/AR technology are independent technologies that are reshaping the digital landscape. When combined together, they play a significant role in changing commerce and communication.


For more information on these technologies, or avail the advantage of combined benefits of these breakthrough technologies, you may get in touch with Oodles expertsWe are an AR VR app development company that builds robust and feature-rich applications for enterprises across the globe.


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