Blockchain Mobile Wallet Technology and Its Advantages

Posted By Kiran Bisht | 06-Apr-2015

Adoption of tablets, smart phones, and mobile technology is increasing at a very fast pace and it will soon begin to affect how users make payments. If you are into a small business, you need to understand mobile wallet technology and how is it going to affect the way we transfer money.




Bitcoin mobile wallet can be easily used by simply installing it on your mobile device. It can also be carried with you and always available for instant payments. The most significant different between Bitcoin mobile wallet and Bitcoin desktop wallet is the utilization of the blockchain.


Some of the desktop wallets load the complete blockchain which turns the client into a complete Bitcoin network node. The skill to run a complete full node is crucial to the Bitcoin association, but downloading the complete blockchain may take hours and days.  Whereas a mobile wallet is always ready for your use because it directly connects with existing full nodes in the network and you can begin in no time with your very first Bitcoin transaction.


Mobile payment systems are potential payment methods for the user of tomorrow. Big names like Google are investing huge amount in developing strong mobile payment networks for users.


Undoubtedly, a mobile wallet has more advantages that the ones mentioned above. Let’s have a look what else a mobile wallet offers.


Incredibly easy to install


It is a smart phone app that you can find in an app store. Choose the app that suits your mobile device’s OS and install it. I personally like DigitalCoinsExchange wallet app for Android which is compatible with iOS too.


QR-codes make transactions a cake walk


The utilization of QR-code technology allows almost all of the mobile wallets to download crucial data for transactions without the trouble of typing Bitcoin amount and addresses. Your smart phone’s camera will scan the QR-code and you are good to go.


Easiest way to transact Bitcoin


These Bitcoin mobile wallets are intuitive and user-friendly. Simple navigation makes your first transaction easy.


No Bitcoin blockchain download


No need to download the whole transaction history in the form of blockchain on your mobile device. Your wallet automatically connects with the network and lets you manage your Bitcoins.


The bitcoin mobile wallets are developed by experienced developers and they can be used by consumers, merchants, and organizations with trust.

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