Big Data And Artificial Intelligence For A Better Future

Posted By : Anirudh Bhardwaj | 22-Feb-2017

Big Data and AI

Over the last few decades, the IT industry has witnessed some dramatic changes by the convergence of some cutting edge technologies. While some changes have led the industry to new heights, some brought disastrous results, causing unwanted disruptions. But as they say, “we must keep on experimenting in order to succeed” and no doubt it helps bringing out new inventions, but we must also extrapolate all the possible outcomes before moving in that direction.


Artificial Intelligence is by far the most advanced and groundbreaking technology that we have access to. Believe it or not, you are using this technology in your day-to-day lives. It’s just that you’re not aware of it. For instance, when you check out some product at an ecommerce site, you start seeing suggestions of the similar products. Also, based on what you usually search on a site, you start getting similar results and suggestions based on your search preferences. That’s AI for you. However, it’s just a diminutive of part of the broad aspects of AI and the technologies associated with it like Machine Learning and pattern recognition.


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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is yet another revolutionary tool which is turning out to be a game changer in data mangement operations. As the world is moving towards mobility and digitization is going mainstream, there has been a massive incline in the number of data being generated by the companies which adds to the complexities. In this context, Big Data Analytics has emerged as an avant-garde solution which streamlines the data handling tasks and renders an efficient and well organized business model with minimal complexities.


Big Data Analytics provides useful tools to analyse and process massive data sets that are so large that the traditional data processing methods are unable to process them.


The Convergence

So now that we know about these two technologies, the point is, “whether combining the two would be lucrative or not?” Big Data is no doubt a trend setter which has paved new ways for efficient data management. While on the other hand, Artificial Intelligence is so broad that it’s hard to predict how far it may go. As a matter of fact, Big Data already takes some advantage of the Artificial Intelligence. Predictive Analytics which is a part of AI also finds its use in Big Data Analytics. But as it turns out, researchers are now looking for ways to boost and foster the use of Artificial Intelligence in Big Data.


In recent years, the combination of Machine Learning and Data Analytics has been applied to several complex data management operations and the results have been quite lucrative. Machine Learning, being a crucial part of AI, implies that the two can go hand in hand to make the data analytics process even more prolific. But apparently, there are also certain things that might not go pretty well with the convergence.


Challenges To Overcome

The biggest challenge is of the security concerns and regulation restrictions. No specific regulations have been imposed on the use of AI. Also, the involvement of IoT raises some serious security concerns. Since it’s going to bring all the information to the cloud, one also can’t deny the hacking threats looming around the internet. If it get’s the attention of the hackers, a lot of sensitive information will be at stake. Not to forget either, there is a lack of cyber security laws for Artificial Intelligence that makes it even more vulnerable to cyber crimes.   

So the bottom line is, “of course the convergence of these two technologies can be quite rewarding but these challenges must be addressed before moving in that direction.” In other words, it would be too early to predict the future of this convergence but there should be no hastiness in bring these two technologies together. After all, both these technologies are in their nascent stage right now and if not used wisely, the convergence can do more harm than profit.  

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