Beta testing and Alpha Testing with different scenarios

Posted By : Palak Tiwari | 29-Sep-2017

Definition of 'Beta Testing':-

Beta testing is part of user acceptance testing and comes after Alpha testing of the product. This testing is performed by the intended users in the production environment to get real feedback for the product and check if objects meet its requirement or not.

Beta testing:- It can be considered a form of external user acceptance testing and Beta versions are released to only a few users outside of the development team. The software is released to a selected user of people to check that the product has few faults and bugs.


Beta testing can be considered as  'pre-release testing'. It comes under the field testing which takes place at the customer's site. It typically uses black box testing. Reliability, security, and robustness are served during Beta testing.

Beta testing gives authentic feedback of the application from real users and helps shape a stable software candidate eligible for final release.

Also, if beta version bugs for a software application are still as it is then it may delay the actual launch date of the software product into the market and in this competitive world if one organization delays in launching its product then it could be an opportunity for another company to launch the same software which is complete and bug free alpha and beta tested.


Alpha Testing is not for market
Alpha Testing is done for a software application, project, and product whereas Beta Testing is dedicated to software product like operating system, games etc.
Both alpha and Beta Testing comes under acceptance testing, the only difference is alpha testing is conducted within organization whereas beta testing
in conducted out of company or organization.


This can be concluded that every organization concentrates on Alpha Testing and Beta Testing for its software product. Alpha Testing should be useful enough that it should not leave any single clue for bug identification in Beta Testing. In the real world,  Beta Testing is most required one, it seeks for feedback for its software product from real-time end users before its launch.


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