Best Tips And Tricks Of HomePod

Posted By Vidushi Vij | 29-Mar-2018

tips and tricks of HomePod

Apple’s first smart speaker is finally here, and trust us, it's really good. This Siri equipped product gives you some incredible music. Apart from that, there are few tips and tricks you need to know. These tips will help you to get the most out of your HomePod. 


1. Grow your music knowledge

If there is one product you need at home then it should be HomePod. It is specially designed for listening music. Not only that, it is a superb product for those who want to grow there music knowledge. Confused? Well, This product can answer every question of your regarding music. Which means you can ask who is the singer?, What is the album of that song? when was this song released? etc. 


2. Stream Spotify on your HomePod 
Want to get best out of your all-new HomePod? All you need is an Apple Music Subscription. But what if you don't have apple music subscription? Don't worry! If you are Spotify user, you can still enjoy your favorite music. Though you cannot directly use Spotify but is still possible to use it. Apart from Spotify, you can use Amazon Music, Deezer, and Pandora.


3. Change Siri’s voice on your HomePod
Talking to Siri is fun for many. But, there is one thing that bothers many people, which is its robotic voice. This could be really frustrating if you have to listen to such voice all the time. Good thing is, you have the opportunity to choose between male or female ann even American, Australian and British accent. To change the voice, tap on the Home app on you iPhone or iPad, after that long press the HomePod icon. After which you will get the option to switch the Siri language. You can also mute the Apple assistance.

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4. Rename and change location on your HomePod
Being a HomePod user, You can change its location whenever you want. After changing the room of your all-new HomePod, you have the option to change its name and rooms within the Home app. Though HomePod does not have its own app, so to make any changes you will have to use the Home app and then long press the HomePod icon given. You will get the option to rename, click on that tab and enter the name you want. To change the room, Select the Room option in the settings and enter the custom location.

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