Benefits of Integrating Mobile Into Your CRM Software

Posted By Anirudh Bhardwaj | 11-Dec-2018

Mobile Integration With CRM

We are living in an era where mobility is of foremost importance. With all major communications happening on mobile, it has become the backbone of society. A majority of internet users all over the world have now moved to the mobile platform. And why won’t they? After all, the Mobile technologies have become so advanced that almost all the activities that required laptops and computers can be effortlessly performed on smartphones these days. Seeing these significant benefits, all leading companies and organizations are rapidly adopting and integrating mobile solutions into their business processes.


As it turns out, the companies using ERP solutions can reap a great deal of benefit by integrating Mobile technology in their CRM software. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares, as the name suggests, are built to manage a company’s interactions with the existing or potential customers. So obviously, mobile technology can play a crucial role in streamlining the CRM operations of an organization, thereby establishing healthy customer relations. Given below are the main benefits of integrating mobile in your CRM software.


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Enhanced Customer Engagement

One of the main purposes of using CRM software is to drive more customer engagement. A CRM software helps in collecting and processing actionable customer data and categorize customers based on various metrics. In that case, integrating your CRM software with mobile and telephony allows you to track the activities of your sales team i.e. you can check if the sales team is contacting the customers at the predefined time and the outcome as well.  


Caller Data

Since all the communications are carried out by a mobile integrated system, the sales and marketing team can easily procure all customer details. All this information once saved in company logs and records can be used for future reference. Plus, it would be easier than ever to fetch the customer details from the records whenever needed. A majority of companies that have mobile integrated CRM systems also record each and every call with their customers for quality purposes. It further, helps them analyze how well their sales team is performing when it comes to communications and customer support.


Improved Conversion Rate

One of the main objectives of a CRM system is to build healthy customer relations and boost conversion rate. If there’s no substantial rise in leads that you are getting post implementing a CRM system, then there’s probably something wrong or you’re missing out on something. First and foremost, it takes several attempts for the sales team to convert a single lead. So unless you are feeding your sales team with the right information, their chances of converting a lead will remain significantly low. However, if you have integrated mobile communications into your CRM system, you can fetch all relevant customer details which will help the sales team with the follow-ups, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

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