Benefits of Developing AR VR Apps with Amazon Sumerian

Posted By : Khushboo Arora | 11-Sep-2019

 Amazon Sumerian for AR VR Apps




Our exposure to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications has increased significantly in recent years. Organizations across industries see the potential of AR and VR apps for a range of uses including training and education.  They are integrating AR VR technologies to their web or mobile apps to generate curiosity in consumers for their products or services. AR, VR, and MR technologies provide a more immersive medium to engage with customers. Global consumer brands have shown a lot of interest in AR VR app development services since they were first introduced. Some notable instances of their adoption by technology leaders are as follows:-   


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the Amazon Sumerian toolkit in 2017 to enable app developers’ create and run interactive AR VR apps. 

  • Apple introduced an ARKit framework so that iPad and iPhone users can experience augmented reality (AR)

  • Microsoft uses Mixed Reality (MR) to merge virtual objects with the real world.

  • Facebook Spark AR Studio’s impressive tools create rich, relevant, and contextually-aware AR experiences to alter customers' decisions. 

A comparison table for building an AR VR app with and without Amazon Sumerian


Developing An AR VR App without Sumerian 

Developing An AR VR App with Sumerian 

Creating an AR VR app involves lots of complexities it starts: 

Step 1: Decide an idea

Step 2: Selecting the Framework

Step 3: Defining a platform

Step 4: Developing a platform

Step 5: Developing appropriate graphics

Step 6: Selecting and creating the backdrops. 

Last Step: Publish the app

Developing an engaging AR app with Amazon Sumerian is easy:


Step1: Decide an Idea

Step 2: Build an App with Sumerian 

Step3: Publish

Normal AR VR App Development

AR VR Apps with Amazon Sumerian


Amazon Sumerian provides an easy to use interface that provides the following benefits: 

No VR/AR Expertise Needed: The Sumerian toolkit enables developers to build apps using AR, VR, and 3D graphics without any specialized programming or graphic skills. With Sumerian editor, developers can create, edit, and publish applications using a web browser.  


Lifelike Characters: Using Sumerian developers can create interactive 3D characters. The animated life-like characters can speak to a user in a variety of languages to create a more personalized experience for them. In-built services, Amazon Polly and Amazon Lex solutions can script scenes using automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language understanding (NLU), and text-to-speech.   


Design Immersive Environments: Sumerian enables developers to design scenes that immerse users in 3D, lifelike surroundings populated with animated characters. Developers can import 3D objects into different scenes or use third party offerings from repositories like Turbosquid and Sketchfab to create AR, VR, and 3D environments. 


Runs on Multiple Platforms: Sumerian is platform-agnostic. It is based on the WebGL JavaScript API for graphic rendering and WebVR JavaScript API for virtual reality devices. It builds and runs a scene on browsers that support WebGL or WebVR graphics rendering including Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Lenovo Mirage, Google Daydream, and mobile devices. It supports ARCore for Android devices and ARKit framework for AR on iOS devices. 


Facebook Spark AR tool is another perfect tool for creating interactive AR VR apps. Click this link to learn more on the capabilities of SparkAR toolkit: Enhancing Consumer Apps with Spark AR 


Sumerian Use Cases


  • Employee Education: Businesses are using Sumerian to create virtual classrooms to augment the training of their employees. Virtual scenes can be created to mimic the actual working environment to employees enabling them to absorb the concept faster. 

  • Training Simulations: AR technology can provide an ideal environment where personnel can learn new techniques without risking physical damage or loss. Employees can receive hands-on training in specialized fields like law enforcement, aviation, healthcare, or industrial machinery through build scenes simulating real-world scenarios. For example, Simulation can be created to train surgeons on using a new variety of surgical instruments. 

  • Field Service Productivity: AR can improve the productivity of employees in field related tasks. Interactive visuals produced with Sumerian can accelerate repairing, assembling, maintenance, and manufacturing processes. AR can enable technicians to look up schematics and accelerate their work in real-time. For instance, the AR app can demonstrate a worker on how to troubleshoot and repair machinery.

  • Virtual Concierge: Businesses can use Sumerian for creating scenes with a Host that acts as a concierge to their end-users. The concierge can greet users, answer common questions, and guide them through the company’s services and offerings. Users can even engage with the concierge through a smartphone in a completely virtual portal using a head-mounted display.   

  • Retail and Sales: Augmented Reality developers can create interactive apps using Sumerian for eCommerce platforms. Ikea Place is a leading online furniture store that utilizes AR capabilities to sell its products. The app augments users' decisions by virtually placing the products in their interiors. Businesses can use AR capabilities to train their sales team by creating virtual scenarios before they enter the main field. 


Benefits of VR, AR and MR technologies can be recognized by online and offline businesses.  These technologies play a great role in improving brand engagement, increasing business sales and profit.  Integrating AR, VR, MR with gaming apps or social media apps provides several interaction possibilities in a real-world setting. Creating a real-world environment for customers leads to a better online shopping experience, enriches learning and strengthens team collaboration.


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