Before Going Live Figure Out Best Live Video Streaming Platform

Posted By Bharat Bhushan Dhalla | 10-Dec-2018

Live Video Streaming Services

Live video is especially convincing for video marketers because of the extra responsiveness it adds to a video. Social media itself includes those characteristics, but the added element of audience reaction, which can drive the direction of the video, is really exceptional with live videos. However, as options for sharing the live video are expanding, it turns out to be more difficult for video marketers to improve where to host their live recordings.


As we all are aware of, or possibly comprehend since we have advocated this many times on our blogs, the video has turned into the essential content choice of marketing communications in a smartphone-dominated world. Video content is making a greater impact on viewers, and your supporters are bound to draw in with video in all available formats, instead of other content formats. Live streaming video is turning into an unquestionable requirement in advertiser’s content strategy, alongside the traditional video.


For advertisers looking for the correct stage to share their live video content, the way to select is to discover the platform on which your brand can create the biggest following, and where your intended interest group invests the greater part of their online time. What's more, the prime objective of the live streaming video must be to accumulate the biggest possible group of audience, while influencing engagement all through the live stream. If you don't realize where, to begin with, your live content, here I will tell you about a few live video streaming platforms that will help you out.


Facebook Live 

As Facebook has become a default social media platform. Similarly, Facebook Live has turned as a default live video platform. You will get the greatest value for your video. Take a note Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, who has focused on the significance of the platform going "video first". Facebook has invested a ton of energy and assets to make Facebook Live a fruitful endeavor for the platform. 


Twitter Live 

Twitter's live streaming video choice is Periscope, an application that Twitter acquired a couple of years back. In this way, your content streaming to your followers on Twitter, it will also be accessible on another application, Periscope. While Periscope is exceptionally entrenched in the live video streaming sector, the application's gathering of the fan base is not so big as other informal organizations. Periscope has 10 million users, so even with that additional discoverability, Twitter's live video function does not have the same reach as Facebook, with 1.86 billion month to month dynamic clients as of December.


YouTube Live 

Where do you regularly go for any video content? Obviously YouTube. The main purpose behind YouTube's presence as a platform is to serve video to its clients, so it's a characteristic fit for live streaming video content. Advertisers are more comfortable with this platform as it’s a well-known and one of the oldest video streaming platform available on the web.


YouTube Live is a channel that will highlight all archived and current live streams after your video ends live broadcasting.


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Instagram Live 

The live video highlight of Instagram is a part of Instagram Stories, which in general is a really outright impersonation of Snapchat. In contrast to the next live video platforms, Instagram's live video vanishes after you finish up the broadcast, which builds the desperation for viewers to watch, yet diminishes the quantity of views.

The best part to post on Instagram is it’s more easygoing manner, for example, short visits, demos, and features that you need to impart with your most devoted clients and followers.



There is a number of platforms available on the web where you can share videos. Celebs and Brands are sharing their videos on the web to be in continuous touch with their users, which ultimately help them gain business. For this quality videos are really essential; Oodles Technologies, one of the best company provides the best live video streaming services to its clients. For any query, you are free to contact us 24*7.



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