Are Wearable Devices the Next Big Thing

Posted By Khushboo Arora | 17-May-2019


Are Wearable Devices the next Big thing

Wearable technology has surpassed smartphones as the fastest growing technological innovation. A survey conducted by Forrester’s Consumer Technographics stated that “14% of US online youth (ages 12 to 17) use a wearable device – the most popular being a Fitbit, followed by Apple Watch”


Wearable devices like smartwatches and fitness bands have gained worldwide popularity. Their demand is rising with each passing day and tech-enterprises are striving to establish themselves firmly in this space.


Developing a wear app is a challenge due to the design limitations of small screens featured by wearable devices. Designing an app for a wearable device depends on many factors including sensors, body movements, and desired functionalities. Widespread adoption of wear apps depends on them being simple but effective at meeting customer expectations. For instance, Uber watch app and Just Eat app are successful because their UX design is simple yet powerful.  


Why Smart Devices are Popular


Smart wearable devices are in demand due to the following reasons -  


  1. Notifications: Handling smartphones can be strenuous when done repeatedly. It is more convenient to receive notifications about scheduled meetings, appointments, and other important events on smartwatches

  2. Better Fitness Tracking: Hectic schedules can make keeping up with fitness goals a difficult task. Smart wrist bands or fitness bands keep track of users’ heartbeats and their step counts to enable them to accomplish their fitness goals easily

  3. Answering Calls:  It becomes difficult to attend calls while driving or on the move. Smartwatches allow you to attend or decline a call, making it easier for people with busy schedules to stay connected on-the-go


Wearable technology first entered the health and fitness domain and gradually showed its potential in other domains too. Here are some reasons why wearable technology is considered the next big thing:


  • Media, entertainment and communication sectors have a huge scope to progress through this technology. Wearable technology can make 7D movies more impactful with tactile features

  • Consumers want their workplaces to be integrated with wearable technologies for improving productivity and efficiency at work. Wearable devices also have the ability to process payments faster

  • The proliferation of industrial IoT applications has increased the demand for wearable devices in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies are procuring wearable technology with diverse sensors to monitor production and manufacturing processes  


Oodles services in Wearable Technologies


At Oodles Technologies, our wear app experts develop Android and Apple apps that perform versatile tasks without straining device memory and power.


Apple Watch App Development

Our developers use the binary action concept and iOS technologies to develop interactive and innovative apple watch apps. We develop essential features and design interfaces to enable users to receive and respond to notifications conveniently. Our Apple Watch App Development services include:


  • Apple Watch Custom App Development

  • Apple Watch Utility Apps Development

  • Apple Watch E-commerce Apps

  • Apple Watch Web-based Apps

  • Health and Fitness Apps


Android Wear App Development

Our Android team is skilled at developing intuitive apps for Android Wear devices with detailed user research. Our Android app development services include:


  • Android Wear App Development for IoT Devices

  • Android Wear Utility Apps Development

  • Android Smart Watch App Development

  • Migrating Existing Apps to Wearables

                       Different Wearable Apps Oodles Develop

What is the significance of IoT in Wearable Devices?


Wearables utilize a network of sensors connected by cloud services to collect raw data. They enable users to get detailed insights into the status of their health and fitness. IoT wearables provide improved personal safety, instant interoperability, data collection, profile management, notifications, security,  and quick health and fitness tracking.  


Oodles Role in IoT based Wearable App Development:


Oodles Technologies develop feature loaded Wearable apps for IoT. Integrating wearable device apps with IoT technology ensures easier data collection, notifications, instant interoperability, profile management, security and more. Wearable apps, when combined with IoT, provide the following capabilities:


  • Easier Tracking

Wearable devices like smartwatches or activity trackers along with the internet of things generate raw data for tracking personal fitness. They alert users about their habits, health-related issues by duly generating notifications. Wearable devices can alert doctors too, keeping them informed about their patient's health in advance.  

  • Automated Sending and Receiving of Data

Wearables share data with the smart device ecosystem (gateway device, smart home, smart vehicle, cloud services, etc.,) for process analysis, autonomous interoperability in the IoT ecosystem and notifying users with text messages or app alerts

  • Digital Payments

Payments is another area where wearables are making a significant impact. Users can make online or in-person payment transactions without the use of wallets with few taps on their wearable devices


Creating New Customer Engagement Opportunities with AR/VR and Wearable Devices



AR VR technology is mostly used for entertainment purposes with significant potential for commercial applications. Using AR, VR can be highly beneficial for businesses to engage with customers and increase productivity. Some benefits include:


  • Showcasing Products

  • Training Employees

  • Virtual Tours


Oodles AR and VR Wearable App Development


Our developers create captivating AR and VR apps for wearable devices to provide value to your commercial business. Our solutions in AR and VR wearable apps include:


Google Glass App Development

Offering augmented reality experiences through audio, video, and inputs based on location for end users



Delivering custom solutions for the Oculus VR platform with simulation solutions and immersive visualization to create a brand experience for the users


Holographic Wearables

Developing holography wearable devices for making demos more interactive. Transforming training processes adds an element of visualization in planning the process.


                                        Wearable Technology Shaping the Future : INFOGRAPHIC

Wearable technology will continue to be the future of various sectors including entertainment, media, health, fitness and more. Wearable technology has a huge scope because of the huge buzz it has created among consumers. The retail sector is in need of wearable technology to enhance customer experiences.


Considering the transformative benefits of wearables across industries, businesses are now investing in wearable payment apps, messaging wearable apps, wearable event and notification apps, wearable music app and more.


Are you planning to use wearable devices to improve processes and productivity? Talk to our wearable experts at Oodles Technologies today. We are a software development company in India that builds robust and feature-rich applications for enterprises across the globe. We create wearable apps for glasses, watches, fitness bands, iWatch and more. For more details on wearable technologies contact our experts today!


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