Apple Maps to catch Google in Navigation Space

Posted By : Oodles Technologies | 02-Dec-2016

Apple is now planning to use drones to upgrade its maps service so as to catch up to its prime rival,Google.


Apple Maps since its inception in 2012 has not fared that well as expected and in the release year only it acquired a lot of criticism on its false-navigating behaviour. It had been reported to mark a ‘grocery store’ as a ‘hospital’ in the first year of its release. Added to that, it committed some glaring errors like providing an incorrect airport address on its Maps Application. Since then, Apple had been working intensely hard on its software and services division for mobile users and now, they are also developing a software platform that might one day be used in autonomous vehicles. We can clearly say that iOS App Development space is growing at a very rapid pace.


Apple is now planning to use drones to upgrade its maps service so as to catch up to its prime rival,Google. They are even planning to outperform Google by adding some new innovative and unique features like showing inside-building view, improved car-navigation, tracking changes to roads and to detect the areas under construction. Apple is focussing more on updating fresh information and for that purpose it has been flying drones around streets and less-known smaller geographical areas to update minute details on its app and to become more relevant to its users by being up-to-date all the times. Apple wants to develop an edge over the most successful Navigation App till date i.e.Google Maps.


Why Apple is so Adamant on having this Update Incorporated As Soon As Possible


The California based company is foregathering a team of Robotics and Data-Collection Specialists who will update the map information faster as compared to using old technology using Minivans ladened with cameras and sensors to map the latest location updates on the app.


Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior Vice President (Software Engineering), earlier this year said in a statement :


"There's a huge data-quality issue there, and I don't think we initially appreciated all the kinds of technology we would need to do that on an ongoing basis"


To attract developers from around the World who build popular travel, ride-sharing and retail apps which integrates with company’s mobile operating systems, Advanced Digital Maps play as a crucial tool for tech giants like Apple and Google. Apple’s latest move is dedicated towards collecting accurate data for digital map building so as to scale to the capabilities of Google who has got an upper hand over Apple in this regard.

Apple’s Other Initiatives to scale up to Google


In the recent past, the company has considerably improved the Apple Maps by updating data more rapidly, added a new feature called ‘public transit navigation mode’, included OpenTable restaurant reservations and Uber-ride hailing services within itself.


Exemption Filed by Apple to have the Permission Granted to fly Drones for Commercial Purpose


On September 21, 2015 Apple filed for an exemption from FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to fly drones for commercial purposes which Bloomberg News confirmed on obtaining documents related to it. According to the official documents by FAA, it confirmed on March 22, 2016 that Apple is free to operate its drones for commercial purposes that includes data collection, photography and videography.


Apple, at present is using drones sold by companies like SZ DJI Technology Co. and Aibotix for collecting data.


New Indoor Mapping Feature on Apple Maps


If rumors are to be believed, then Apple has hired at least one person from Amazon.Com Inc.’s Prime Air department to regulate its drone campaign. Remember that Prime Air is responsible for successful delivery of packages to people using drones as a carrier for Amazon.


An Indoor Mapping View is in the development process that will give access to users in navigating high-traffic buildings like Museums and Airports using their iPhones. To make its indoor mapping project come to life, Apple has acquired a startup last year namingly .Wifislam is another firm with whom Apple collaborated with in 2013, who had been considered as an expert in indoor navigation vertical.


Pressure Sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all combined together contribute to achieve indoor location tracking in the latest iPhones. You will be assisted in changing lanes while driving with the use of Apple Maps as Apple is also working on this new feature to provide better guidance to the iOS users. Both these features are expected to release next year for iOS devices.


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With these latest advancements in process, Apple seems to be scaling up to the standards of Google so as to match people’s high expectations from the organisation as the reputation it has garnered about itself since its inception had been incredible. We need to wait and watch till next year’s arrival to verify that whether these technological upgradations live up to the expectations or not. Mobile App Development has undoubtedly achieved a new high in the past decade with regard to technical upgradations and user experience.

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