Appium The Open source Mobile Application

Posted By Ankita Sachan | 24-Apr-2019

Appium is simply AN open supply mobile application for mobile automation. Appium supports native, hybrid, and internet application automation take a look at across physical devices as well as each a person and stimulator. It even allows cross-platform app testing wherever its real beauty lies.


Appium let the user write tests for multiple platforms as well as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone using identical API. It means you'll write a take a look at for iOS and use identical take a look at for Windows Phone and mechanical man. It saves time and aids the software package take a look at to use an outsized variety of codes between completely different test suites.


Another nice feature of Appium is that it's no dependency on Mobile device OS. it's as a result of Appium contains a framework or wrapper that might translate selenium Webdriver commands to UIAutomation or UIAutomator commands supported the kind of device. what is more, Appium supports the majority of languages that have selenium consumer libraries.


Appium even showcases a neat feature that may alter while not recompiling the app. It means the user doesn’t get to have access to the appliance code to figure with Appium. Whereas, different mobile automation tools like Frank and Calabash demands the user to remember the app code to be ready to work with it. Thus, you'll take a look at an identical app that you'll be getting to submit to the app store.


A bonus comes along with the philosophy on that Appium is constructed. the speculation follows four tenets which are able to be mentioned below.


Appium Philosophy and therefore the Four Tenets

No automation or recompiling your app – As we've to browse earlier, Appium doesn’t need an additional agent or AN app code to figure. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to be compelled to recompile or modify the app to alter it.


No demand for a particular language or framework – Appium supports all languages once it involves writing tests. Ruby, Python, Java, Node.js, Objective, PHP etc. Users wouldn’t have to be compelled to learn a brand new language to figure with the tool.


No reinventing the wheel – an improved tool for mobile application shouldn’t reinvent the wheel once it involves automation genus Apis. Appium uses WebDriver API, so there's no trouble of reinventing the wheel by introducing a completely new API.


A framework ought to be open supply and sensible – Appium is freely accessible to all or any the users and may be simply changed as per the user’s necessities. what is more, Appium is totally sensible and real in spirit.


Appium and therefore the approach It Works

Appium is AN HTTP server written employing a Node.js platform. It drives iOS and mechanical man session exploitation WebDriver JSON wire protocol. Once Appium is downloaded and put in on your device, a server is about abreast of the machine that offers REST API the desired exposure. Later, it receives an association and command request from shoppers and takes necessary actions to execute the command.


Appium responds back exploitation HTTP responses and uses mobile take a look at automation frameworks to execute the request.

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