Android Oreo Version Is Likely To Introduce SMS Connect Feature

Posted By : Manisha Jangwal | 01-Nov-2017


Sending or receiving messages on your Chromebook can be possible with a new feature that might be revealed by Android 8.1.As spotted by Ars Technica in the developer preview of Android 8.1, there’s an APK file named “SMSConnectPrebuilt” having the “SMS connect” feature. Users cannot use this feature by default. It does not seem to be a proper application but it might be an integrated functionality that will pop up in Android settings. If the user sets up the screen for the first time, it will show up. This new addition will allow the users to Sync messages on your Android phone with the Chromebook. An icon named “SMS connect” could show up on your set up screen.


But it remains unclear whether the feature will be available in Android or Google pixel phones. You could able to send and reply to messages via your Chromebook. To use this feature, you need to give access to your phone calls, messages, and contacts. You will also see “Your wireless carrier's standard messaging rates may apply” above the button which you need to tap for granting permission. After that, you may require tapping on the button if you wish to receive notifications for the new messages sent to you on the Chromebook. You will be notified every time when you get a new notification. For accessing SMS connect on Chromebook, simply type "chrome://flags" into your browser address bar and turn on "Enable Multidevice features." Afterwards, you need to restart your machine to enable it on the Chromebook.


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It’s not certain when the feature might come in the market but all the information spread on the internet is definitely making the users excited about it. iMessage for iPhone users let them send or reply to messages on the MacBook if the iPhone users have iMessage enabled on their phone. Now let’s see what Google will come up with in the latest release of Android.  


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