Analysis of web design trends and few effective types of Animation

Posted By Mahima Gautam | 21-Apr-2018

Nowadays animations that are used on websites are no longer the delightful surprise they once were - now animations effect on the websites are quite expected. Following 8 types of animations helps to make a site more effective.


1. Loading Animations


The main purpose of using animation is to distract the user from the loading time. In the scenarios, these animations influence the user perspective for your product's technology, making it better than it actually is or in the worst case scenarios, the user's can have something interesting to watch while they are waiting


2.  Navigation and Menus


To save the space on the pages, a new trend aroused of hidden navigation menus that are only be revealed by clicking on buttons(such as hamburger icons). For such menu, animations are quite essential for connecting two elements visually and preventing a jarring transition. This hamburger animation is not only the option, navigational elements like the slider and sticky bars are also being used.


3. Hover 


Such animations get very practical for conveying that element is interactive. In few cases, this can be the only sign of showing a button or piece of text is clickable. Whenever the user is in doubt on how the element functions, they just need to move the mouse on that element for getting the hover effects. 


4. Galleries and Slideshows


Applying the animated galleries and the slideshows show the multiple images without even distracting the user. The decision of how fast we need to cycle up the images should be made accurately because of the slight quickening of images in the slider could give the unwanted rushed feeling in the website.


5. Scrolling


The other trend of long scrolling also relies on the quality of its animation. A site can't scroll simply without any animation. The major advantage of using it is that it gives control to the user and for that the animation dictates its pace. 


6. Page Motion


Small page motions, from the Ajax loading options for simple shakes, add the little something extra effectiveness to the site designs. Rarely these motions have any practical effects but help in making the site more enjoyable.


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