An Overview About Test Link

Posted By Neha Saini | 31-May-2019

What is TestLink?


Test-link is a web-based test management tool. Test-link is used most widely and it is an open source tool. Test-link synchronizes both test specification and requirements specification together. By using Test-link tool User can create document test and a test project. With Test-Link we can create an account for multiple users and assign different user roles. Test case assignment task can be managed by an Admin user.


Test-link supports both manual and automated of Test cases. By using Test-link testers can generate Test Report and Test Plan in the fraction of time. Test-link supports test reports in various format like HTML, MS Word, Excel, etc.


Test-link also supports integration with many Defect Tracking tools like MANTIS, JIRA, Bugzilla etc. Multiple Users can use and access Test-link functionality at the same time as it is a web-based tool.


Advantages of Test-link:-


1. Test-link supports multiple projects.

2. Easy import and Export of test cases.

3. Test-link can integrate easily with a various defect tracking tool.

4. Automated execution of Test Cases.

5. Filtration of the test case is very easy with Keywords, version, test case ID.

6. An assignment is very easy to test cases to the Users.

7. Test-link can generate test report and test plan easily.

8. Test-link creates a credential for multiple users and assigns different roles to them


Login to TestLink : -


Step 1: Open the Test-link home-page.


Enter the login details.

  1. Enter userID – admin

  2. Enter password

  3. Click on the login button



Creating a Test Project:-


Step 1: To create Test Project Click on Test Project Management in the main window, it will open another window.



Step 2: To create a new project click on “create” button.



Step 3: Enter all required fields like a category for a name of the project, prefix, test project, description, etc in the window. After filling all the required details, click on the "Create" button at the end of the window.


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