An Introduction About Spike Testing

Posted By : Neha Saini | 11-Jun-2018

Spike Testing is a type of performance testing. Spike testing is a performed to check that the application is performing well with extreme decrements and increment in the load. Spike testing is performed to check the weakness of the application.

Spike testing is performed to check the system or application behavior under sudden decrements and increment.


Goal of Spike Testing:-


Spike testing is performed to check the system response under unexpected fall and raise of the user load.


How to do Spike Testing?

Step 1) Determine the Maximum User Load capacity of your software application.

Step 2)To record the performance parameter prepare the testing environment and configure.

Step 3)By using the performance tool of you choice apply the maximum load to your software.

Step 4) For a time period, rapidly increase system load.

Step 5) Gradually reduce the load back to its original level.

Step 6) Analyze the performance graphs.



Tools for Spike Testing:-

1) J meter:- J meter is an open source spike testing tool. It is specially designed to check the application behavior under load. J meter is a performance testing tool to measure the performance of the application.

2) Load Runner:- It is a load testing tool for Windows and Linux. Load Runner is used to measuring the performance of the application under heavy load.


Examples Spike Testing Scenarios:-


1. When an e-Commerce website offering the great discount.

2. When an application is live streaming a TV program.

3. When a sale is going on a daily site.

4. When a new system is released and multiple users want to use it.



Advantages of Spike Testing:-


1.Spike testing focus on the performance of the system that should be maintained at any cost.

2. Spike testing is performed to check best to worst scenarios of the application.



Disadvantages of Spike Testing:-


1. The only disadvantage of Spike Testing is that it is an expensive testing process.


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